Final Cut Library Manager has been saving disk space for editors since version 1. Now it has been updated to version 3.5 with a new Export to CSV feature.

As much as we love Final Cut Pro X, it does create a lot of extra media with proxies, optimised media and of course render files. All those can take up a lot of disk space and the standalone app Final Cut Library Manager has been externally managing those files since its release.

Vincent Zorzi got in touch to tell us about the new update to 3.5

We’re happy to announce the release of Final Cut Library Manager 3.5, which includes a new option - Export To CSV.

Since the creation of Final Cut Library Manager, 4 years ago, we’ve often been asked for a way to export the list from the main window in the form of a CSV file where it can be easily be manipulated using a spreadsheet.

We’ve done that... And more still!


Firstly, you can now export a CSV file based on the list from the main window of Final Cut Library Manager. The generated list uses the same settings as the window; so sort, search and filtering options are all taken into account. You can, for example, only display online libraries with an alert and then export just those.


Secondly, this new option also allows you to export the list of external media for a given library to a CSV file. That’s ideal for sorting, searching or comparing external media using your favourite tools.

As usual, the base update is free of change and includes various bug fixes.

The new option “Export to CSV” is offered at €3 (ex VAT).

Existing users can buy it directly on this page the Arctic Whiteness web page.

New users buying the complete pack with all options benefit from a 10% discount : €29,70 instead of €33.

All the tarif options are explained here.


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