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XEffects Viral Video Thirds Plugins for Final Cut Pro X Help Build Bold, Animating Timelines

Idustrial Revolution has just released a new set of plugins for FCPX based on animating thirds. XEffects Viral Video Thirds builds 'on trend' big, bright and dynamic videos. There's also a special launch price of $39.

There definitely is a current trend for big, bold and colourful graphics and this new plugin from Idustrial Revolution takes those design hints. XEffects Viral Video Thirds is a set of titles, effects and transitions that when combined stack up vertically or horizontally into thirds.

Building on the success of a previous pack of plugins for Viral Videos, the new set has gone bigger & bolder with some funky transitions that all align up together with pixel accuracy. There's auto text and panel animations and a built in colour palette if you don't want to use your own.

The thirds use masks rather than drop zones as these are hard to tweak afterwards and the big downside of losing the audio is avoided. It all takes place on the FCPX timeline so that everything can be timed to perfection. (We editors love to tweak don't we?)

The pack is normally priced at $49, but has a special launch price of $39 until the 7th of November. 

The pack is distributed by the FxFactory plugin management system which means that not only can you try the plugin out for free for yourself, it also comes with tutorials.


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