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Handy free iPhone app to quiz you on FCP


Those helpful people at Amsys training have come up with an iphone App that helps test your knowledge of FCP.

 It makes a great revision tool. Just imagine you're preparing to take Final Cut Pro 7 101 Exam or even preparing for a technical interview? 

How It Works

Select a specific topic from the Main Menu or go for a random selection when you are ready to go for it! Shake the phone to select a number of questions or spin the wheels. You can check your answers as you go along with the reveal button, or wait to the end. You can leave the test at any time and resume later. Your progress and answers will be saved until you reach the end.

We should stress as it says in the footnote at the end:

"Disclaimer Please note that this Revision Aid is for entertainment purposes only. The questions are NOT taken from the exam itself, they have all been written by Apple certified trainers. There are no shortcuts! Good Luck!"

Here's the link at the iTunes App store.

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