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Kyno Updated to 1.5 and Premium Version Now Available

Lesspain Software has updated their ingest and media managing tool Kyno to 1.5 and it includes new features for FCPX users. There's also a new premium version available for more complex workflows.

Kyno has been popular with users who want more control of their media before importing it into an NLE. The $159 app from Lesspain Software allows the user to view media on camera cards, import, transcode, log and add markers before sending the material to the NLE. There is a 30 day free trial available.

Of course for us, the improvements with FCPX integration are the most interesting, and Robert Krüger from Lesspain very kindly boiled them down into a few paragraphs.

"For FCPX users the most important news is that we have implemented FCPX drag & drop support for transferring items loggen in Kyno with metadata to FCPX as requested by many of our FCPX users.

MXF Prores files created by FCPX are now supported and for FCPX users in larger organizations the new delivery workflow introduced with the premium edition will be handy to hand off packages of logged and potentially subclipped content to the next production stage complete with FCPX XML metadata via FTP or to shared storage with the FCPX XML import needing no reconnect, it will just work."

What's New:

  • Forgot to set the clock on the camera? No sweat, Kyno 1.5 now allows you to correct the creation and modification date of files with wrong timestamps (File or context menu -> Correct Recording Time...)
  • Sending clips to Final Cut Pro X has become even more simple and intuitive: just drag and drop the selected clips to an FCPX Library or Event and they'll be available including all metadata like markers, subclips and descriptions! (requires Final Cut Pro X 10.3 or later)
  • When exporting to Premiere Pro you can now specify the Premiere Pro bins you'd like to export into. Bins can even be created automatically from your folder structure
  • The list view now sports a thumbnail column giving you better overview in that view (context menu on the table header to turn off/on)
  • Support for WebP image files
  • Support for GH5 RAW image files
  • The transcoder has become more intelligent and now warns you if you try to rewrap codecs that don't support rewrapping. It'll also replace unsupported PCM audio codecs automatically
  • You can now export and import transcoding presets to share them with coworkers or the community (in Preferences - Conversion)
  • To make export to H.264 even simpler, there is now a H.264 same size preset that automatically exports to the size of the original clip

Other Improvements:

  • When exporting images from markers, Kyno now sets the description and title metadata on the resulting image files
  • The render quality for scaled clips is improved - it is now antialiased rather than exact to the pixel
  • Files with numbers in their filename are now sorted more naturally
  • Kyno allows selecting a single audio channel from clips with multiple discrete audio channels
  • MXF ProRes files created with FCPX are now playable
  • The player and transcoder now display the relevant picture parts of IMX/D10 content, i.e. the "clean aperture"
  • The "clean aperture" area is displayed in the metadata panel (under the "Tracks" tab)
  • The search filter now matches more text-based metadata: reel, scene, shot, take, angle, camera
  • The rename and transcoding dialogs feature some new advanced naming controls to change the case and to replace spaces
  • We've added a shortcut to open files with their default application on your system (Alt-Shift-O)
  • DMGs are now optionally displayed in the Devices section (in Preferences - Removable Devices)
  • Kyno's network checks for updates can be disabled for environments where this is desired
  • Added support for a legacy MPEG4 format within AVI files

System Requirements:

  • FCPX XML version was updated to 1.6, requiring Final Cut Pro X 10.3 or later
  • Mac system requirements have been updated to OS X v10.10.5 or later

Kyno Premium is available for $349, but there is a 25% discount for for week after the launch date. 

Premium Features:

  • Support for P2 camera format including audio tracks & spanningSupport for writing MXF container files (XDCAM, DNxHD)
  • Support for DNxHD, DNxHR & DNxHQ transcoding target formatsAdvanced audio track & channel mapping when transcoding or rewrapping
  • Advanced denoise settings when transcoding
  • Integrated file delivery including subclipping and delivery of metadata packages via FTP/SFTP/Filesystem and notification via Slack
  • Delivery metadata packages include: Kyno Metadata, Final Cut Pro X XML, Final Cut 7/Premiere XML, Excel
  • Predefine metadata sets and assign them to camera media or batch assign the to clips
  • Configure the descriptive metadata storage location (if media storage isn't writable for example)
  • Configure a shared cache for thumbnails, technical metadata etc.

Enterprise Features:

For enterprise customers (50 seats and up) the following optional features exist:

  • Aspera© can be added as an optional delivery protocol
  • FileCatalyst© can be added as an optional delivery protocol
  • Kyno can be preconfigured on deployment with custom transcoding presets and options
  • Single license on a computer for different user accounts
  • Universal license key for simple company-wide deployment
  • For details contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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