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Michael Kammes Builds a Hackintosh - Was It Worth It?

FCP.co friend Michael Kammes decided to build a Hacintosh, a computer built from parts that runs macOS. He succeeded, but was it worth it and would he do it again? He benchmarks NLE performance including FCPX.

Macs can be expensive, but they work out of the box and we know that apps such as Final Cut Pro X are optimised for the machines.

However, for those who feel up to the technical challenge, it is possible to build a computer to run macOS for a lot less money than buying a new Mac off the shelf. 

Michael Kammes got in touch to tell us about his latest YouTube video that he published. He decided to build a Hackintosh and after a lot of research and assembling the parts, managed to build a fully functioning machine.

But was it worth it and how does it benchmark with various NLEs against a Mac Pro and an iMac Pro. We will let Michael take up the story, we were quite surprised at the results and more importantly his conclusion.

Should you want to find out more information about building a Hackintosh, Michael has very kindly published a transcript including some very handy links.


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