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Philip Hodgetts: Auto Assemble Interviews From Transcripts With Lumberjack Builder

Want to look into the future of editing? Well, you can with this 20 minute demo of Lumberjack Builder from Philip Hodgetts. Watch how he creates an edit by dragging and dropping parts of transcripts together from interviews. Very clever. There's also the offer a free month of Lumberjack too!


I won't lie, I'm a huge fan of Lumberjack. Philip Hodgetts introduced me to Lumberjack back in 2013 or 2014. We didn't really know each other at the time. I just happened to see word about it online asked to do some beta testing. Philip came over to the office and showed me how it worked. It looked very promising.

At the time, it only provided on-set logging. We tried this once while I was at Radar Creative, but our DP's RED camera kept resetting it's clock every time it re-booted.

In 2015, I started working on two documentaries about O.J. Simpson. We had over 20 interviews per documentary. Nevermind the hours of deposition tapes we had to work with. I asked Philip and Greg if there was a way to tie the transcripts to the footage for easy searching. At first they were dubious. About two days later, they'd figured it out. My director, Tom Jennings, would make a paper cut. I could then easily find the sound bites in FCPX and cut them into a string-out.

Philip wasn't satisfied with the toolset. So he and Greg started iterating. A little later, they came up with Magic Keywords. Lumberjack would look for frequently used words in your transcript. These then became Keyword collections. These collections could contain all references to that topic within Final Cut Pro X.

It was pretty awesome. But Philip and Greg still weren't content. So last year they demonstrated an alpha version of Lumberjack Builder at IBC. Lumberjack Builder allows you to create a playable paper cut. Then, rather than rebuilding the paper cut in FCPX, you just send an FCPXML from Builder. You instantly have a radio cut with lower thirds.

Lumberjack Builder is revolutionary. Knowing Philip and Greg, it will only get better. I fully look forward to seeing where this goes.

Sign up for the free month here.


patrick southernPatrick taught FCPX as a Trainer at an Apple Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma when it came out in 2011. He in now an Editor and Assistant Editor in Los Angeles and is Chief Workflow Officer at LumaForge.

You can follow him on Twitter @jpsouthern


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