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Duncan Shepherd: 21 Tips for Editing 360 Video

Another great video from the Faster Together stage at NAB. This time it is Duncan Shepherd's turn and he runs through his 360 video editing tips, with heavy emphasis on FCPX, his choice of NLE.

Duncan Shepherd is an editor at Jaunt VR in Santa Monica, CA. He's been cutting 360 video in Final Cut Pro X for years. He started with Dashwood 360VR Toolbox. However, he's since started using the native VR tools in FCPX 10.4.

I first heard about Duncan through Brian Zweiner. Brian mentioned that Duncan smashed through his dailies in thumbnail view. He would use a Wacom tablet and pen to whiz through footage. He used Compound Clips to do complex nesting for graphics. According to Brian, Duncan pushed FCPX to the maximum.

This year, Duncan graced both the FCPExchange and Faster, Together stages. The things he is doing in 360 video are insane. He approaches VR as a surrealist art form. At FCPExchange, he showed a story told on two halves of a 360 sphere. You could watch two people training for an event on separate sides of the sphere. One was at the gym, while the other was home. The two physical spaces were blended together. You could see the wooden floor fade into the concrete of the other room.

Duncan revived by excitement for 360 video as a medium. We keep trying to fit it into our current storytelling paradigm. It's something new and different. Why should it be feature length? Why should stories be linear? Why should we keep to our old conventions? Duncan is pushing the boundaries of what is possible. And he's sharing his knowledge along the way. Pioneering the language of 360 video isn't easy. Thankfully, we have artists like Duncan to lead the way.


patrick southernPatrick taught FCPX as a Trainer at an Apple Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma when it came out in 2011. He in now an Editor and Assistant Editor in Los Angeles and is Chief Workflow Officer at LumaForge.

You can follow him on Twitter @jpsouthern


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