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Steve Martin: Working Smarter & Faster in Final Cut Pro X

Time for another presentation from the Faster Together stage at NAB 2018. This time Steve Martin takes to the stage to run through his favourite FCPX tips. Learn how to use Secondary Storylines, Gap Clips, Audio Roles and much more to your advantage.

Many were lost the first time they opened Final Cut Pro X. For many of them, Ripple Training came to them in their time of need. In fact, when I was still working at Apple, we would watch Ripple's Mac Break Studio to get hot tips we could teach our customers.

When I started doing serious editing in Final Cut Pro X, Steve Martin and Mark Spencer were my go-to for learning how to do something specific in the application. I'm personally very grateful for what Steve and Mark have done through Ripple Training. I'm sure many of you are too.

At this year's NAB, Steve joined the Faster, Together Stage to share a few key tips to working smarter and faster inside Final Cut Pro X.

Steve taught FCPX hacks for using Secondary Storylines, utilizing Gap Clips, mixing with Audio Roles, getting rid of audio noises, extending edit points, keeping music in sync with your edit, and overriding Clip Connections. It's amazing the amount of helpful information Steve fit into this 15 minute presentation.


patrick southernPatrick taught FCPX as a Trainer at an Apple Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma when it came out in 2011. He in now an Editor and Assistant Editor in Los Angeles and is Chief Workflow Officer at LumaForge.

You can follow him on Twitter @jpsouthern


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