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Jason Cox Publishes a Final Cut Pro X Fundamentals Course on Pluralsight

It's nice to follow up our collection of free tutorials with the news of a new Final Cut Pro X training course. Jason Cox has announced five and a half hours of FCPX training on Pluralsight

We all love free tutorials, but if you want to learn a software product thoroughly, then you need to look to a longer, commercial course or series of downloads.

Which is all an excuse to mention that Jason Cox has released a five and a half hour long course for beginners on FCPX.  You will find it on the Pluralsight platform which works on a subscription basis.

If you are a Pluralsight subscriber, you can watch the course for free. If not there is a plan at $29 per month or get billed yearly for $299. The great news is that there is a 10 day free trial for 200 minutes which will get you over half way through Jason's course. There also looks like some cracking tekkie/programming courses on there should you have a spare afternoon to lose.

Jason's course is aimed at the beginner who want's to get a good all-round understanding of FCPX. Good to see he also pronounces the X as 'ten.'

First, you'll begin by exploring the incredibly robust project setup and media management capabilities of libraries. Next, you'll dive into the entire basic editing process and see how FCPX lets you edit at light speed and removes many limitations of track based editors. Finally, you'll discover how to add all the fun extras of titles, effects, color grades, and more before finishing with exporting.

We do have the wizard master of HTML embedding here at FCP.co, but even he has failed to embed the course overview video. You will have to go and check it out for yourself. Even the late shout of 'it must be on YouTube' failed. 

We all know that 10.4 is just around the corner (hopefully) Jason has informed us that he will have an update in the new year, update permitting.


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