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Idustrial Revolution Releases XEffects 3D Video Walls Plugins for Final Cut Pro X

Idustrial Revolution has used the power of Motion's 3D text engine to develop a plugin for Final Cut Pro that can build dynamic 3D video walls with ease. 

Another plugin release for Final Cut Pro X that shows the power of Motion working with FCPX. XEffects 3D Video Walls is a set of 45 templates that offer a range of video wall styles from simple single panels up to curved stacked displays of rows and columns.

The user can start with one of the built-in presets or construct a wall to their exact design. The plugin’s flexibility allows the user to choose the individual panel shape, the number and layout of panels along with the choice of material, position in 3D space and depth of field.

A choice of pre-programmed moves allow the wall to animate in and out with the panels tumbling as an option. The plugin has many possible uses from promoting a product, providing a visually interesting image behind a green screen presenter to broadcast promos, show opens and closers. 


The plugin has a launch price of $49 (Regular price $99) and can be downloaded today through the FxFactory plugin management system.  A watermarked free trial is available so you can try out all the walls before purchasing.

The plugin is extremely flexible as you might imagine, so Idustrial Revolution has published 5 tutorials on how to use the plugin from basic operation to optimising the wall for rendering and performance.

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