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Pierre Chevalier Demonstrates Softron's M|Replay and MovieRecorder with FCPX

How close can you edit video to it being captured? The answer is about five seconds from live using Softron's MovieRecorder software. Pierre Chevalier edits his own presentation on FCPX whilst giving the presentation. Get your head around that!

If you've ever worked on a live event, you know how important it is to move as quickly as possible. During NAB 2017, Pierre Chevalier demonstrated how to use M|Replay and MovieRecorder from Softron to simplify the editing of live events. In this presentation, he shows how to use M|Replay to quickly make Instant Replays of important moments at a sports event. The Replays can even be turned into a string-out in FCPX for putting together a reel of important moments at the end of the event.

Pierre then turns the presentation on it's head by recording the presentation cameras directly to a Jellyfish via his laptop. That's right presentation-ception. MovieRecorder creates growing files. These can be immediately imported to FCPX for editing, even as the recording continues. Enjoy!

Editor: One note here. The way FCPX 10.3.3 draws waveforms is different to the previous version. This caused MovieRecorder to not complete drawing the waveforms. Softron were on the case immediately and issued an update to fix the issue. So if you haven't used MovieRecorder for a while, make sure you are running the latest version. 


patrick southernPatrick taught FCPX as a Trainer at an Apple Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma when it came out in 2011. He in now an Editor and Assistant Editor in Los Angeles and is Chief Workflow Officer at LumaForge.

You can follow him on Twitter @jpsouthern


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