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Final Cut Pro X Updated to 10.3.4

Apple has released an update to Final Cut Pro X. 10.3.4 is now available on the Mac App Store. No new features, just bug fixes.

When 10.3.3 was released, there were a few bugs that were reported quite early on. One of them was an audio level discrepancy. Apple also changed the way that it processed the audio waveform information and that caused problems with some third party recording apps.

The update to 10.3.4 looks like a bug fix, no new features, but still good to see Apple reacting to problems quickly. Feedback on the update so far has been good with no new bugs reported!

As always, not a good idea to update in the middle of a project, however should you want to, make sure you have a copy of all the Libraries you need before proceeding. There's also no harm in making a copy of FCPX and zipping it up for backup.

New in Final Cut Pro X 10.3.4

  • Resolves a stability issue when using keyboard shortcuts to trim in Secondary Storylines
  • Fixes an issue in which certain editing operations could create an extra audio fade in
  • Fixes an issue in which the Share dialog could incorrectly display a codec warning

Interesting as well that iMovie has had an update to 10.1.6

What's New in Version 10.1.6

  • Improves stability when updating libraries created with earlier versions of iMovie
  • Addresses an issue which could lower the volume of clips after transitions

Both updates can be found on the Mac App Store. If you find any more bugs or incompatibility with other apps, then please let everyone know in the comments below.


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