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Cutting a SXSW Indie Feature Film in Front of 40K People on YouTube

Cast your mind back to April 2016. We published a short article about Sven Pape and how he planned to edit a feature film on FCPX live on the internet for everybody to watch. Well, the film is finished and Sven and his colleague Dustin Hughes presented about the feature "Flesh and Blood" on the Faster Together stage at NAB 2017.

Sven Pape and Dustin Hughes joined the Faster, Together Stage to talk about the production and post production of their independent feature film, “Flesh and Blood”. It was cut using FCPX and was shot on the Blackmagic Ursa Mini. The film is a narrative, but was shot using documentary methods, including using real people rather than actors.

Sven Pape was the editor on the project. He is well known for his YouTube Channel, “This Guy Edits”. You may know him for his video about FCPX 10.3. During the edit of “Flesh and Blood”, Sven recorded himself editing and began regularly posting videos of the process to YouTube. By the end of post production, his channel had gained over 42,000 subscribers. Tens of thousands of people watched the editing of “Flesh and Blood”.

In their presentation, Sven and Dustin talk about both the technical demands of the movie and the creative goals and struggles.


patrick southernPatrick taught FCPX as a Trainer at an Apple Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma when it came out in 2011. He in now an Editor and Assistant Editor in Los Angeles and is Chief Workflow Officer at LumaForge.

You can follow him on Twitter @jpsouthern



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