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XinTwo Micro Tutorial Website Relaunched with Final Cut Pro X 10.3 Content for NAB

Everybody hates boring tutorials, sometimes the best way to teach is to keep everything concise and to the point. Bill Davis' refreshed XinTwo tutorial website is nearly up to its 100th 'micro' FCPX video lesson.

FCP.co friend Bill Davis let us know that his micro-tutorial website XinTwo has now been updated with a 'boatload' of tutorials for FCPX 10.3. 

Sometimes you don't want to sift through a long book or watch a boring 20 minute basic screen capture tutorial. 

Bill's tutorials might be the answer. They are short and get right to the point. Sam Woodhall's graphics also help to get the message across.

Designed for beginners and experienced editors, the tutorials are available on subscription for $4.99 per month. At the moment, there is close to 100 available on offer.

Bill's website offers all the tutorials to view for a free week's trial, he's also allowed us to publish three of the micro tutorials here on FCP.co.

 AA00 XinTwo Intro Video

CF02 How and When to Detatch Audio in FCP X

AB03 Metadata Views in the Inspector in FCP X


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