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Watch the Official Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.3 Presentation and an Extra FCPX Tips And Tricks Video

If you have been watching the recent videos from the events we have covered here on FCP.co, you will have noticed that the official Apple presentations have not been published - Until now. Grab a coffee a watch what we haven't been able to show since the FCPX Creative Summit!

A little bit of a surprise, but a welcome one. We have already posted a video from the sold out FCPX night at the recent LACPUG meeting in November. Although we saw pictures on Twitter, we didn't think the presentations would become available.

Much to our joy, the main 35 minute 10.3 presentation from Apple has been very kindly published by FCPWorks and of course Michael Horton from LACPUG.

This is the official Apple FCPX launch demonstration featuring the Japanese botanical artist, Azuma Makoto. 



Also presented that night was a tips and tricks session from Apple. 10 tips were promised, 11 were delivered! Again, that video has very kindly been published. 


Could it be that Apple has warmed slightly to showing what previously they couldn't? We don't know, but we are very happy to see the presentations published, especially when they demo off the new 'pro' features in 10.3.



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