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What NLE does YouTuber Michelle Phan use to edit her videos on for the successful YouTube channel Ipsy? Final Cut Pro X of course! Her beauty and fashion company has put together a collection of short FCPX tutorials to help other YouTubers & social media posters. Be warned- old-time editors who don't want to learn, this is your wake up call!

These videos produced by Ipsy are a prime example of how FCPX's ease of use has led to new content creators being able to publish high quality video on the internet.

Never mind Hollywood or large broadcasters, this is where the revolution in video is happening. And we at FCP.co think it is all rather wonderful, breaking down barriers so that everyone can participate.

It is also a huge wakeup call for not only the old 'stuck in the mud' editors who won't learn FCPX or have tried it and 'just don't get it," the other NLE companies, Avid Blackmagic and Adobe have to have a huge rethink about reducing the complexity of their programmes. As we have said before, if Adobe are not developing 'Premiere X' (or whatever they would call it) then they are in trouble. We saw hints of this whilst watching Adobe product manager Al Mooney's recent AMA online chat.

Back to the videos and these are designed to help solve a few common problems that FCPX editors have, especially in the blogging and social media sector. Don't think they are just basic though, they tackle some advanced features. "Compositing is just a fancy name for blending"  We love it :)  Maybe Ripple and Larry should watch out too!


How to Create a Video for Instagram by Michelle Phan


How to Color Correct Video by Michelle Phan


How to Create a Title by Madeline De La Rosa


How to Add Third Party Effects by Cydnee Black


How to Export a Thumbnail to YouTube by Madeline De La Rosa


How to Record Voiceover by Lynette Cenee


How to Retime Video by Cydnee Black




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