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Two New FCPX Plugins: Hawaiki Keyer 3 and BetterStabilizer from CrumplePop

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These two plugins are similar but different. They both do the work of the internal tools within Final Cut Pro X, however both sets of developers say that their products do a much better job. Better keying with Hawaiki Keyer 3 and better stabilisation with BetterStabilizer from CrumplePop.


Post IBC we have two new plugins for you. Ok, to be correct, a new stabilising plugin from CrumplePop and an update of  Hawaiki Keyer to version 3.

First up is Hawaiki Keyer 3. If all you do is key a baldheaded CEO in front of green screen, then FCPX's internal keyer will probably do. The moment you get fine hair and worst still fine blonde hair, you're going to need a better way of extracting them from green or blue screen.

The developers of Hawaiki Keyer 3 have gone back and tweaked the algorithms in the new version and also added a whole raft of new features. All designed to get that perfect key.

The plugin is available in FCPX, Motion, Adobe Premire Pro and After Effects. Hawaiki Keyer 3 is priced at $99 and is available through the FxFactory plugin management system.


If you have purchased Hawaiki Keyer 1 or 2, then there is a special upgrade price of $50 off until the end of October.


On to another tool and that is stabilisation. We have to admit to being rather keen on the Tripod option in FCPX, but as a producer pointed out, telling a cameraman that his shots could be fixed was a license for him leave his tripod in the car!

Plugin writing veterans CrumplePop have moved into providing single use tools aimed at doing better jobs than the host software. BetterStabilizer is billed by them as being like no other stabiliser out there!


- It's simple. No screens full of cryptic controls. Just common-sense presets like "Drone", "Bike mount", and "Handheld standing".
- It's fast. Render times in BetterStabilizer™ are significantly faster than the Adobe Warp Stabilizer built into Premiere Pro.
- It's... better. BetterStabilizer™ effortlessly handles shots with complex motion - shots that can confuse the stabilizer that is built into FCPX.

BetterStabilizer is priced normally at $99, but it is on special offer at $49 for one week ending 23rd September 2016. It is also distributed through the FxFactory plugin management system. The plugin is available in Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro.



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