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Sony have just announced the HDR-TD10·Handycam® camcorder which utilizes two Full HD sensors to capture true 1920x1080 3D video. Now time to read up because it won't be long before a client turns up in wanting to edit this 3D format in FCP.  All the editing is done in camera at the moment because there's NO, and we think its worth shouting, NO EDITING SOFTWARE AVAILABLE at the present time.

Looking at those two 3D lenses staring at you sure makes us think of the interplanetary eco-warrior Wall-E. All the spec and more after the break.


"The Sony® HDR-TD10 Handycam® camcorder utilizes two Full HD sensors to capture true 1920x1080 3D video. Most 3D cameras achieve the 3D affect by splitting a 1920x1080 signal in to two 960x540 channels in order to squeeze them onto one sensor, thereby limiting resolution on the final output. Because the Sony HDR-TD10 utilizes two HD sensors, it provides a full 1920x1080 lines of resolution on both channels, giving you a richer and more immersive 3D experience. View 3D and 2D videos directly on its generous 3.5" Xtra Fine LCD™ display–no special glasses required. Watch all 3D video in 2D as well." 


The built-in 64GB embedded Flash memory can record and store up to 25 hours of 2D high definition video footage (HD LP mode), or up to 5 hours of High definition 3D video.

Wow! For all of us forking out for expensive SD cards this is a big plus. 

There's also a cool feature which is called Tracking Focus, which works as an extension of Face Detection to allow you to select an object with a touch of the LCD and have the focus follow the selected object.


"Dolby® Digital 5.1 channel recording captures active sounds coming from all directions, so you can experience your home movies the way you experienced them while recording. But there's also an Active Interface Shoe so you can attach external lights and microphones. Bring your video alive with Clear Phase stereo speakers with linear phase correction. Drawing on Sony’s high-end audio expertise, renown S-Master™ digital amplifier technology is utilized to produce more true-to-life sound.

Capturing 1920 x 1080 high definition resolution lets you record your memories in exceptional Full High Definition quality. Capable of 60p and 24p recording. You can also copy videos from your camcorder directly to an external hard disk drive (sold separately), all without a computer. Your camcorder can also access videos stored on the external hard drive for playback on your HDTV, allowing you to utilize the camcorder’s handy playback features.

Experience the pinnacle of Sony® lens technology with the professional-quality G Lens. Engineered for superior optical performance, Sony G lenses deliver brilliant, accurate color reproduction and sharp, amazingly detailed images. In addition, the 29.8mm(2D) and 34.4mm(3D) focal length in Video Mode offers a broader perspective for enhanced wide angle shooting.

There's probably one thing which will make all of us FCP enthusiasts cringe, but will probably be a boon to the domestic user. It called Highlight Playback, and it identifies and compiles key scenes into a short, entertaining movie complete with music and transitions. You can even pinpoint the exact scene you want to include in the highlight reel. The easy 2D/3D selector switch allows you to show only 3D video when 3D is selected. For 2D playback of all video, set the switch to 2D and the camera will display 2D and 3D videos for playback on a standard HDTV." 


All sound very impressive for the $1500 Sony are quoting. Still a question mark about the editing though. They might want to force you down the root of using the in-camera editing, but at some point there must be some software made available. Also worth noting are that the sensors are full sized unlike the Panasaonic. And its available to pre order now for April delivery. If you want one go here.

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