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Somehow I formatted a Card in a Canon Camera that had an entire music video on it. The card was put aside and has not been touched since. Is it possible to recover these video files? The card was actually formatted in the Canon DSLR (not just deleted). I can see there are lots of software advertised online that claim to do this, but all the testimonials seem like advertorials.

Does anyone have specific experience using any of these recovery programs with success? Any advice appreciated!

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But just to clarify: I am getting stuck during the relink process because the files are hidden inside the FCPX Library. When I try to find them I keep getting stuck at the purple Library Icon - the files are in there (I checked), but I can't get FCPX to go past the Library Icon to get to them?

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So I was importing some footage today on a large reality TV show project, and then I got the spinning beach ball. I rarely ever see this. I let it run for an hour and then force quit, and relaunched FCPX.

When I relaunched I saw that all the footage from the library I was importing into was gone. Essentially the library was empty.

So I rebooted the computer, relaunched FCPX, same thing. Then I opened an earlier version of the library. Now all the clips are there, but showing missing files.

I can't relink the files as they are hidden inside the FCPX library? There are literally thousands of files too. What to do?

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Ah I don't have my computer in front of me now, but what I meant was that on the person I was cutting out; on the standard settings the posterisation tried to capture all the various tones and colours of his skin - it looked very messy. By clicking the Remap option in the cut-out control panel it just reduces his colours to the 2 colours on the band below (like yellow and black). This looks a lot cleaner, less messy, and lets him stand out in front of the background more. I thought he was blending in with the background too much without the remap setting.

I'm still playing around with it though, lots of options to look at...

Ah ok, cool.

One thing I didn't like was that the posterisation on the character (the Cut Out controls) was too extreme. I find that clicking the Remap Colours box with a posterisation of around 22, and selecting a colour in the cutout somewhat opposite to the background gives more pleasing results.

Its actually saved me a bunch of time (and money) on a opening credit sequence I had planned to outsource to an After Effects guy.

Good catch!

After reading about the plug-in on this thread I actually went and bought it (there is a St Patricks Sale on at the moment too, so it worked out less than $30). I went ahead with it as I have a project that it would work well for on the credit sequence. It actually works pretty well for an inexpensive plug-in, its pretty intuitive, and has a number of variable parameters. I got some good results with it straight away just messing around.

Have you considered just buying it? $30 is pretty cheap...

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I think he means the RX5 Plug In, which is currently only $99?

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Thanks again everyone who responded with ideas.

In the end I got one of those overpriced Lightning - HDMI adapters. Wish I had got one earlier - now using an iPod for the media player. Works very well!

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Hey Thinkfilm how did you uninstall the plug ins?

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OK, just tried it now.

The DeNoise plug in seems to be doing a pretty good job in auto mode, but I haven't been able to test it properly as FCPX is crashing since it was installed. Hovering the mouse over the plug in on the effects browser causes it to crash immediately the first time, after reopening it works if you immediately grab the plug in and drop it on a clip without hovering over it.

Also had another crash where it said an operation was preventing FCPX from saving.

I'm on FCPX 10.2.1.

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Cool, I'll try the isotope plugin tomorrow as well. Will update to see if it helps with my audio issue...

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I have this on my iPhone and iPad:


It has a reasonable slate, and a bunch of other useful goodies. Obviously the slate works better on a larger iPad, rather than a small phone.

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So I downloaded the standalone Trial Demo.

It clearly offers more variables than the built-in Background Noise Reducer in FCPX (which is just a slider).

That said while the results were only slightly better than the FCPX one. Soundsoap was better able to isolate the specific noise that was causing the problem and was better able to lower this when someone was not speaking. But trying to remove this when a person speaks results in the same results as the FCPX tool.

Also I found that Soundsoap reduces the overall db, so when I raise them up again, the background noise seems to worsen again.

So I'm not sure about it now. I was hoping it would be a lifesaver, but I think the audio I have is just too bad. I will try with some less terrible audio files. I think that the extra control would be helpful under some circumstances, but clearly not in extreme ones.