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D Casey replied to the topic 'Apple Keynote WWDC New FCPX and ARM processors' in the forum. 1 week ago

Agreed. It's a worry for sure


D Casey replied to the topic 'Project error sign' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

Ditto re : mysterious warning signs.. Sometimes there seems to be no way to find out what the issue is ( I've followed all the advice above). Surely FCPX should give you some help as to what the issue is!??!


Hi there all.

I'm in the process of getting our new NAS FCPX workflow going. At the moment, and for the next few months, it looks like our 2 editors will both be working from home on their laptops.

We store our FCPX 'Live Work' Libraries in a 'Live Work' folder, with referenced Original Media in a separate folder ( so, not in the Live Work Folder) and all other files needed remaining in the library (proxies, motion templates etc) etc.

I would like to find the best way to 2-way sync the small 'Live Work' folder to the two editors offsite. That is, initial sync locally here, then incrementally syncing as work is done. (so, additional proxy footage could be synced to them after a shoot overnight etc).

The idea is to have the sync folder on an external thunderbolt drive that remains connected to the mac most of the time. The 872XT would sync the folders with the data and the work that is done by the editor's int he FCPX libraries is synced back to the 872XT

What I'd like to ask is what is the best app to achieve this? I've read different takes, some say QSync, others ChromoSync and still other HBS3. I'm new to the QNAP ecosystem so would appreciate any and all guidance on this!



Hi Nick, I'm having an issue similar to yours but with fully up to date Catalina Turning OFF spotlight indexing seems to have made a difference. Just wondering how you're getting on?


D Casey replied to the topic 'Logic Pro X 10.5 Released!' in the forum. 2 months ago

Surely FCPX 10.5 can't be far behind?!? Here's hoping!


D Casey replied to the topic '50% off MotionVFX' in the forum. 3 months ago

How come the title says 50% and the code is for 25% Am I missing something here?


Jose thanked D Casey in topic 10.5 3 months ago
D Casey replied to the topic '10.5' in the forum. 3 months ago

I'm not bothered by Catalina.. we're all updated here anyway.

I have over 64 TB of FCPX libraries that are just BEGGING to be cleaned up, archives with handles and have new, smaller, proxy folders created.

Even a damned 'hey look, this is coming next month' would be great. We could be wasting the next few weeks doing maintenance that single button will do automatically in 10.5.

The whole 'apple secrecy' this is a real PITA for Pro software.. we have work to do ffs and need to know about upcoming tools.


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D Casey replied to the topic '10.5' in the forum. 4 months ago

Out of desperation (and CV19 induced boredom), I emailed Time Cook the other day asking him to just go ahead and release 10.5. Seeing as pretty much all any of us can do right now is editing! ??


D Casey created a new topic ' HEVC Proxy Workflow?' in the forum. 3 years ago

Hello All.

One of the things I was most hoping for for 10.4 was a HEVC Proxy option - to create super lightweight, portable versions of Libs. Any idea if this is somehow possible? ( away from office at the moment hence haven't gone digging into FCPX yet)


D Casey replied to the topic 'Multicam Clips disappear overnight?' in the forum. 3 years ago

The original Multicam clips themselves are still in the browser, so the issue is only with the project timeline. Selecting “Reveal in browser” on the clips gives us the following message.

The backups from the previous day all had the same issue, aside from the one from first thing in the morning.

The timecodes still show up in the inspector, so we can recreate the edit, but we’d just like to understand what happened ( though it's time-consuming)

Disks are set to stay spinning, the whole system may have gone to sleep but it's been set the same way all the time.

We did update to 10.3.4 the other day but not sure that's the issue as this has happened before on an earlier version

D Casey created a new topic ' Multicam Clips disappear overnight?' in the forum. 3 years ago

Hi, this is the second time we've had this problem now. Came into the office this morning and the multi-cam clips for a project we'd been working on all day yesterday had disappeared. When you try to reveal in the browser we get the following message. Spent time on the phone with Apple Support, they had never seen this apparently.

Anyone out there have any ideas? Lat time we just had to recreate and reedit!

D Casey replied to the topic '15 seconds of spinning ball before a project will play?' in the forum. 4 years ago

Hey Coffee King, have you tried remaking the multicam clip in a new Library to make sure there's nothing corrupt about the existing one?

You could also conform the 30p file to 25 in compressor and recreate the multicam to eliminate that as a problem.

The USB 3 drives is still going to max out at the physical drive speed of ~120Mb/sec. What's the bitrate/codec of the footage?

D Casey created a new topic ' Sharing Projects between Editors in 10.1' in the forum. 6 years ago


I'm wondering if theres a way to share projects between editors in 10.1. The method we used was to have a sparse bundle to hold the event and project folders for each client. We each had this sparsebundle. We then only had to email the project to each other and drop it in the projects folder to continue the edit where the other left off.

Can anyone help me?