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Tom Morgan created a new topic ' Making small videos from images (similar to GIFs)' in the forum. 4 months ago

I am new to iMAC and FCPX. I went down this road to capture all of my home videos digitally into FCPX to create highlight videos (which people will actually watch). After many lessons I was able to digitize 118 hours (72 tapes - VHS, 8mm, DV) and save them as Libraries on an external HD. There are about 25 years worth of vids (1989-2014) and digitally they add up to ~2TB. I still have all the phone vids to deal with and a highlight vid workflow to develop but I took a break to deal with my digital photos. And there lies my question:

I have ~30,000 digital photos. ~5,000 of these were taken in burst mode (avg burst is ~25 so there are ~200 "sets") and I was not wise enough after taking a burst to pick the best and delete the rest, although I now look at it as an opportunity. I have figured out a workflow to import one of the sets (my test case was 20 burst images) and make a project out of just the images, setting the duration to 3 frames per image for a total of 60 frames and 2 seconds. When I save it as the default FCPX movie it is 2.5MB in size. As a comparison, when I uploaded it to Google photos and allowed Google to make an animation automatically it was 4.5MB in size. I really like the ability to add audio and tweak the vids in FCPX plus Google photos seems to hiccup constantly when I upload all 5,000 images. I figure it will take me 100 manhours to do the small vids in FCPX though. My end game is to have my highlight videos, photos and small vids (from photo bursts) playing on a nice display in my living room.

Question: Is there a FCPX add-on to make small vids (like gifs) of images in batch mode ? I want to load the 5,000 images and let FCPX do its work similar to how Google Photos will do animations.