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hi, hi

have you checked out Postlab from Hedge?

They have some very cool features coming soon:


Alternatively for just the sync side of things maybe this is worth checking....





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So not cool!
Hate paying for things that break down.
Was going to suggest Command Post for getting ride of the Plugin
But re/read and just saw you found “Plugin Manager by Digital Rebellion”
At lest there is an end if not a happy end.


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Hi cofe

Thanks for your suggestion.
It turned out to be something different.
I had to go into the Settings in the inspector and set the color space override to REC 2020.

thanks all the same


Hi, hi FCPXers

Maybe some one can help me with this one. I have material from a Sony a7. I am using Edit ready to convert the original files to Pro Res HQ. We are filming in HD. And all looks OKish. But at the very latest when I import the files into FCPX something is very obviously wrong. Every thing gets a red tint, is too bright and seems fuzzy! Similar pictures in a different room where there is more light appear to be ok! Does any one have any idea what I am missing? I have analyse vide for balance colour switched off on import.



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Hi Scottt

You could also look at some of the videos I have in a playlist here:


FCPX collaboration is something that I have been following very closely. Seems very nearly almost doable!

good luck


Use your ears is as good a Tip as you will get.

This is the best intro I know of with respect to LUFs:


Once you have the basic concepts you could also look at this:
There is a free version so you have nothing to lose.

In practice even trying really hard to mix consistently people often complain that either

a) I have Mixed the music to quietly compared to the Voice over
b) I have Mixed the music to loudly compared to the Voice over.

For general Sound Tutorials I find this pretty good:


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Hi bradywurtz

I use SoundSoap which I can use as a stand alone App or inside FCPX. There are issues inside FCPX at the moment but it does as you describe. You could probably open it in Logic X? But would need to double check? There is a demo version.

I find the results from SoundSoap very good/easy to use (apart from install) and better than the alternative from Crumple Pop for eg.


A lot of people will probably recommend some thing from izotope.


With which i have had no experience.

all the best


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@ ltf3ltf3
Thanks for sharing your exchange with SoundSoap.
It confirms what I have experienced.

@ dgwvideo

Yes and I had an email exchange with he developer from Klangfreund pre High Sierra days.
Where he complained that getting his plugin to work with FCPX was really hard.
Apparently it was much easier to get it to work with Pro Tools or what ever else it works in.

Seems to be a pity as there are so many incredible audio plugins out there….

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Yes I have it working but it crashes every time I try to export.
Thus I use it as an external App.

i suspect that this is part of a bigger problem.

eg: www.klangfreund.com/lufsmeter/

Important notice for Final Cut Pro X users
Starting with Final Cut Pro X 10.4, exporting a master file won't work if a LUFS Meter is loaded.

The developer has a work around but Iike when did 10.4 come out 6-9 months ago?

Maybe these issues are not related maybe they are not.



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Hi, hi

Ok, I figured it out.

Technically my mistake.
Not helped by dodgy documentation.
And counter productive support.

I had entered the serial in a demo version and assumed that this would just activate all the functionality.
What I should have done was:

Gone to the trouble to download the version linked in the purchase mail
In this purchase mail there was a serial number which as far as i can tell is just for my records.
(I see no where I can enter it and the software seems fully functional.

Having done so and restarting all is well and I can use this amazing piece of software in FCPX.
Also note it turns up in a section called Antares and not in Soundneess or SoundSoap!

It was painful but with it :woohoo:



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This is a huge help.
I love this product but the guy at support does not seem to understand how plugins in FCPX work.
(Am using the version bought from there store and not from the App store/should work in FCPX)

The support guy keeps telling me to look in the inspector in the effects section.
I keep telling him that I do not see it turn up in the Effects Browser and thus ca not apply it.
We have being going around in circles for a week now!!!

Other people also seem to be confused:


It is such a shame about the "noise" in the communication as it is an amazing piece of software.




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Hi, hi

I have just purchased SoundSoup5, the stand alone edition. And love it. Have it working as a stand alone.


According to the site/promotion mail:

"SoundSoap 5 is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit hosts like Logic X, Final Cut Pro X, and ProTools 12. SoundSoap has an amazing user interface, including an improved high-resolution Wash Window."

Has anyone purchased this and got it to work in the current version of FCPX?

If so any tips for activating it SoundSoap in FCPX 10.4.2?

I am looking for Soundness/Soundsoap in the Audio Filter Browser in FCPX but no joy.

My guess is that this used to work but broke at some point and nobody at Antarestech really has this on their radar!?

Sadly Sound Soaps support keeos dropping the ball with respect to this... :blush:

thanks for any tips/clues in advance


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With respect to Kyno I just love the way I get to numerous files on a drive with little hassle or effort. Most of my experience was with P2 cards last year.

To be honest it did not work all the time either. Depending on the flavor of P2.
And yes I also had the time code being reset to 0 as well.
The later is/was obviously a deal breaker in some cases.

I have the latest version 1.4ish so can check over the weekend.

I do not even know where Red Giant Offload is installed if at all. Probably on a laptop. To date I have been just dragging folders into Pluraleyes, clicking all the boxes and crossing my fingers. The thing is when things go wrong they seem to go horribly wrong. A case in point being our filming next to a huge TV tower!

I don't use EditReady to do any encoding to ProRes. I let FCP X handle that. I simply use EditReady to rewrap our AVCHD into .mov files and to create custom naming for all of our video clips so that all the way through archiving there is a unique name that includes the episode or project name, card number, camera angle, and an auto-generated indexed number.

Thanks for clairying,

As of now there is no long term plan to archive or re use material. We are in a pilot phase for 6 months and no one knows what comes after that. So I am going to save my breath with respect to sensible naming etc.

XtoCC is also a viable option. I've used it with success.

Yes basically any thing from Intelligent Assistance is amazing.
I have also used it and it works great if the media was managed half way ok from day 1!
I hope to test it again soon…
Interesting checking out your link to Sync-N-Link. That workflow they're talking about on their site is the one I created. I had been working with Gregory Clarke (who is fantastic at explaining the app and communicating) about my proposed workflow with their product; LTC Convert being a part of that equation. As I mentioned in another post, I only wish LTC Convert was a more modern app. It looks and feels like it was created with older OS X technologies and perhaps not AV Foundation (aka the new Quicktime), but I don't know for sure. It could use a UI refresh. Either way it gets the job done and does other great things to.

Sync-N-Link is $199. Trust me. Well worth it.

Yes I hear you.
The guys I am working for at the moment are slow about getting it.
They just do not get the fact that FCPX does not do this stuff out of the box.
And miss the fact that Premiere does not do this kind of stuff out of the box either.

In a n nut shell if they do not I will buy it.
And connect to the server with my own private laptop and do what needs to be done.
I will need it for other projects sooner or later and it will pay for itself in a blick of an eye.

If I can get timecode in sync and know where all my audio tracks are I will be the happiest editor on the planet.

And thanks for sharing your findings about Pluraleyes B)

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Hope this helps answer some questions.

Yes. this is a huge help thanks.

I think they will go for buying Tentacle Sync Devices as we are currently losing so much time in post it is not funny.

With respect to Edit Ready

They already bought the Red Giant Shooter Suite:


Which includes “OFFLOAD 1.0” so I can imagine if they can they will want to use this:

Personally I am a huge fan of Kyno but that is another story:


As I understand this as of now we are just talking about encoding from native camera formats to Pro Res.

Compressor or what ever the encoder from Adobe is could do the exact same job. Correct?

The nice thing I see about the LTC Converts software is that there is a free demo:


So we could test this part of the workflow before taking the plunge.

I think (although it would pay for istself in a couple of days) that they might well be alarmed when they see the price of Sync N Link .

The thing is that I am part time and the Premiere guy is full time so this is one of the reasons why they lean towards Premiere....

On the one had maybe I could do the sync in FCPX and just skip an external sync program.

With respect to the format if I stick to the mice analogy the mice have to accomplish different tasks in different rooms in the maze. So there is in general an intro explaining todays task, a walk in the maze, accomplishing tasks and a summary of how the mice did with respect to their tasks. In it simplest form it is pretty linear and not having events would not be a deal breaker for me.

On the other hand in a weird twist of fate if we were to throw in

XtoCC (also called Project X₂7) translates Final Cut Pro X Library XML (fcpxml) and converts it for import into Adobe's Creative Cloud apps - Premiere Pro, Audition & After Effects - or other compatible applications.

That just might help them to get to Premiere via FCPX!

Or maybe the Premiere guy on the other side of my table has some ideas?

Digging deeper into the intelligence assistants site there is also this:

Until Tentacle Sync add batch processing, or we add direct reading of LTC to Sync-N-Link X, this workflow enables Tentacle Sync users to access the power of Sync-N-Link X.

Which essentially the essence of your recommended work flow.

This is going to be our 3rd round of 4 videos and to the best of my knowledge there are going to be at least 2 more rounds of 4 videos on top of that. I am currently working on video 6 and the Premiere guy is working on video 7. I had Pluraleyes sync 107 from 178 clips this time around, it created a hell of a mess in the process. I know that the Premiere guy got a lot more in to his 7th series than I did so I guess he got lucky.

To be continued…

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hi tangierc

Thank you for your reply.
If I am reading it correctly you are saying in your experience going from multicam/audio to FCPX via Sync N Link means:

- You lose the time the file was created/recorded as this becomes time re/wrapped reencoded.
+ You keep your track names aka iXML
+ You have things snyc

There are two things I still do not get:

1) to clarify when you say

In our tests the metadata carried over while using LTC convert all the way to Sync-N-Link; including iXML data from the Sound Devices units we use.

When referring to LTC convert you are talking about doing this in the Tentacles software?

2) The Tentacles software should sync stuff for me any way.

So I could at least in theory (acording to your tests)

Skip: Sync N Link & PluralEyes

And go direct from the Tentacles software to FCPX

And have:

Every thing synced reliably
Have my iXML track names

Just double checking that I have understood 100%



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Hi joema

thanks for your fast and detailed reply...

You shouldn't be having major problems with quality wireless lavs. What kind and brand are they? We use mostly Sennheiser G3 and we rarely have problems: www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/877198-RE...r_ew_100_ENG_G3.html

We do not have does exact same mics but apparently very similar mics from Sennheiser.

I think the last time round was hard core as I say they were filming next to a TV tower.

But it is not unusual for them to record for eg in a recording studio with musicians recording simultaneously/the same piece of music over and over again in different rooms. eg 5 fixed cameras and 3 camera men going walkabout!!!

I guess that the boom microphones are pretty similar to your hand held mics and they will be a welcome addition.

Think of it as a documentary about mice in a maze and you have the picture roughly!
Re Plural Eyes, I use that only when absolutely necessary, as it's really not designed for the FCPX workflow which is oriented around the Event Browser.

Yeah it is weird not being able to get to individual clips easily in the Event Browser but I have gort used to it. I have a short cut to open my Multicam clip in the original mulitcam sequence and can match frame into the browser = a master clip is created in the browser. I can repeat this process for an audio file and have a second run at making a Multicam clip. I have also found wave agent very useful as I can organize my clips with respect to the time they were shot.

The thing is that where I am working they are kind of leaning towards Premiere and any thing that leans towards Premiere they like. Anything that goes in the FCPX direction is met first with skepticism.

I guess that you are using Sync and Link and then doing some kind of clever batch renaming in FCPX?