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@ 8mm Guy and Redifer

Thanks for both of your suggestions and feedback

Unfortunately I am trying to avoid another computer because I live on the road and work and shoot out of my backpack. Having to lug around another computer would be a huge pain.

I am now trying the route of booting my mac to windows 7 or XP to run Virtual Dub to huffyuv which would be true lossless - this is showing itself it be its own problem because Catalina is not letting me use bootcamp to install anything besides windows 10 and I am having trouble finding instructions on creating a bootable usb drive for windows 7 or XP using Catalina. Agggghh!


That was my mistake my mac has two thunderbolt 3 ports. I confused them


Help! Please!

This has been a living nightmare for me the last few months. I have read numerous forums, watch endless youtube videos, read software manuals and have not been able to figure this out.

I am trying to setup a system where I can continuously import Hi-8 and Mini DV footage that is uncompressed/original quality and does not chop up my footage into small clips.

I still shoot with Mini DV and Hi 8 so having the ability to do this myself on my own computer indefinitely is the goal.

My setup is…

Sony CCD-TRV118 Handycam for Hi-8
Sony GV-D1000 Digital Video Cassette Recorder for Mini DV
connected to
ADS \ Pyro A/V link via s-video and red/white rca
connected through
firewire 400 to 800 cable - to a thunderbolt adapter - to a usb adapter
connected to

2017 13” MacBook Pro
running Catalina 10.15.5
2.5 GHZ Dual-Core Intel Core i7 Processor
16gb of memory
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536mb graphics card

I have tried the following software…

Adobe Premiere 2020 14.2.0 - no dv import feature

Adobe Premiere 2017 - dv capture available - when I open import and press play on my camera nothing happens.

iMovie 10.1.14 - reads the ADS and captures but cuts the video into clips that cannot be seamlessly edited together - meaning when I place them next to each other in the timeline there is a missing or skipped frame essentially making any footage with that split in it useless. This does not seem to be a dropped timecode problem because each clip is exactly 1 min. It feels like the “make footage into clips” feature implemented by iMovie which for some reason this version of iMovie does not let you deselect (I may be wrong though).

Final Cut Pro X 10.4.4 and 10.4.8 - reads the ADS and captures - but cuts the video into clips that cannot be seamlessly edited together. Same as iMovie.

Quicktime 10.5 - new movie recording mode - The ADS comes up as an option to select in the dropdown menu but when I press play on the camera and record on quicktime no video plays - just a black screen.

Life-Flix - import opens seemingly acknowledging the ADS - but when I press play on the camera and start import - just a black screen.

Parallels with High Sierra attempting to use iMove 9.0.9 - Parallels (as well as virtual box) I discovered does not read firewire devices that are not mountable.

Also just so you know I am not interested in hiring anyone to do this (because I shoot with these cameras regularly and that would be expensive and timely) and I am not interested in using the Elgato usb video capture device or any other like it (my experience with that is it is a lower compressed quality and does not do well with sharp movement of the camera)

The only idea I have left is downgrading my OS to an operating system that would let me run older versions of premiere, final cut, quicktime, or iMovie but this option is not ideal because there is other software I want to be able to update in the future and eventually that will cause a problem if I am not updating my OS.

Also I have tried every combination of turning off my computer, camera, the ADA, disconnecting, reconnecting in different orders etc.

I know one might think that is just a problem with Catalina not being able to read dv footage but if that is the case why can iMovie and Final Cut read and capture the footage !?

Please any help in getting me to my goal here would be deeply appreciated. I love shooting with these old cameras and would really love to be able to work with the footage uncompressed and with missing frames at random points