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Greg replied to the topic 'change the sky to black' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Hi Rebecca, Welcome to the fcp.co forums!
There are several ways to "change the background" or even a full replacement of the sky. What works best is personal choice based on what the clips looks like, what you wish to achieve, how much time you wish to spend and many other factors.
One thing to note is which version of FCPX you are using. Latest versions have greatly improved the Color Correction effects including built-in Day to Night, Hue/Saturation Curves, etc… so a sample of the clip and what you wish to do is helpful in providing an approach. Tip: when searching for FCPX tips, use search tool filters for the last year, so you get the current version help.
In addition to the link by VTC(which is an older version of FCPX, still works, Larry J has good vids) here are a couple of more video tutorials

This is good for using some color masks but leaves out shape masks to limit effect to specific portion of clip. You can apply multiple color corrections/effects/masks to a clip or portions of a clip.

Here is another Ripple Training tut on using Hue/Sat color curves

Ryan Nangle has this on using Day to Night effect

This is only a small sample of possible approaches.
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Greg replied to the topic 'increase bokeh blur on footage' in the forum. 2 months ago

Hi Bullet
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True Bokeh is created via camera and lens. FCPX includes several "Blur" effects that can simulate blur via the use of Masks and one of blur effects like "Gaussian" Blur effect. In addition there are vast amounts of 3rd party effects, both free and $$ that you can apply.
One approach is to duplicate the clip by "Option" dragging the clip upwards in timeline, apply mask(s) to area you want to be focussed, select "Outside" mask and apply one of the built-in blurs like Gaussian, feather and set amounts to area not in focus. Play around lots with the sliders in the Inspector Window and see if you can achieve the look you want. You can even add additional masks if needed.
Check out the free Templets and Effects resources here on fcp.co and see what tickles your fancy.

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Greg replied to the topic 'Suggestions for FCPX character animation' in the forum. 2 months ago

Hey Karsten
Just so you know, Reallusions CrazyTalk and several other animation apps do work with latest macOS, and are not 32bit programs.
I have used CrazyTalk in the past as well as Blender. Blender has a very steep learning curve and Mac support isn't always the best. CrazyTalk and Cartoon Animator have easy interface, but not nearly as powerful as Blender.
My biggest issue with ReaIllusion is their pricing schemes and add-ons. Look for discounts up to 1/2 Off MSRP. CT/CA worth a try. Think you can do this animation with the programs and it is reasonably easy to create the rigging necessary. Haven't used these programs in a few years, so not up on latest versions.
They have a free 30 day trial with watermarks if you want to try it out.

Hope this Helps, Greg


Greg replied to the topic 'Scrolling Word Processor document.' in the forum. 2 months ago

Hey SusieQ
Ran across this and thought you might get some additional ideas and techniques…

Izzy has some great video tutorials

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Greg replied to the topic 'Black and white to colour stylised transition ?' in the forum. 2 months ago

Hi 1991
Not sure exactly what you are trying to do, but I would suggest that you keyframe a Color Correction that changes the Saturation of the clip from 0%>100% or whatever you want for the period of time you want color to appear transition.
On top of this you can add any additional effects you want.
You can also apply a Color Mask to a duplicate clip in upper track to apply the changes to only a portion of the image.

If you can add a link to a video with the effect you want to mimic, then we can offer additional ideas.

Hope this Helps, Greg


Greg replied to the topic 'understanding timeline in motion' in the forum. 2 months ago

Hi Owen
In Motion make sure to select the checkbox to "Override FCP" duration.
Add Markers in Motion Timeline…
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Greg replied to the topic 'Computer Code animated opening' in the forum. 2 months ago

Hi Ag75
Welcome to the fcp.co forums
Not seeing any attachments. Either you didn't attach properly or the site is blocking it. There are some restrictions for the first 3X you post to this site have to be approved by a moderator. Perhaps your attachment got left out. Try posting it again.
Not sure what you want, but as Ben says there are plug-ins that can simulate many animated "computer code generators". If you saw it in a film, most likely someone has recreated it. Sometimes searching for effect using the movie title may give you a plug-in with the same style effect.
Check out our own forum for "Free FCPX Plugins and Templets" or check out FXFactory, and thousands of other free FCPX plug-in sites.

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Greg replied to the topic 'HOW DO I ADD A DRAW MASK WITH A FULL OPACITY COLOR?' in the forum. 2 months ago

Hi Stefan
Welcome to the fcp.co forums.
Try adding a Color background clip above your graphic clip. Color it however you want.
Draw a Shape Mask around just the subject you wish to see and select "Inside Mask". What you have currently drawn will leave lots of the background showing around subject. I suggest you redraw while zoomed in closely and add lots of points and adjustments to create a very close fitting mask so you eliminate current background.

Alternately, use your current shape and select "Outside" but think it will not look good. You could try a "Color" mask, then using Color Curves, select background color and try to match to whatever background color you set up in Background clip using the Hue curve. The success of this approach is dependent on what colors/hue are present. Personally, I would redraw as above.

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Greg replied to the topic 'Scrolling Word Processor document.' in the forum. 2 months ago

Hi SusieQ
Welcome to the fcp.co forums.
To add to Ben's (FCPXGuru) comment…
You can also add blank line(s) in your scrolling text via the return key in the Text Inspector window. This will add a line space and slight delay to scrolling text. This will keep steady scroll speed, but allow delay before next text segments appear.
Adding multiple scrolling text titles with only the section or text you want to appear, allows you to time the text to a presentation, but be aware of differences in speed of scroll between clips.
You can also size/position the "window" or portion of screen that the text appears in if you want to only use a portion of total window.

There are other ways to display text including Lower Thirds with horizontal scrolling much like you see in newscasts. You can paste the text just like in the scrolling title and then you can split the title element, add spacing, gap clips, etc….
The biggest issue with scrolling text titles is the text is in constant motion, so it does not stop and can be distracting for viewers trying to read while something else is going on.
There are several other ways to do this, it just depends on how you want to do the presentation.
Adding and duplicating a static Title clip, will give you more control of timing, and is easier for reading especially if there are additional elements like graphics or video playing while text is displayed. This will require more work as you need to segment your document for each Title clip.
You could also use CC or SubTitles including having a translation service create a timed text based of you reading and audio recording your document while your video is playing(if complete). This way the text will be synced to what is showing. I think it is just as easy to split text in Timeline and not have to worry about messed up words in the conversion. You already have the text.
Best of Luck
Hope this Helps, Greg


Greg replied to the topic 'Fade In all Tracks not just video element' in the forum. 2 months ago

Add an adjustment layer on top, Add Fade to Color or keyframe Opacity. This will affect all layers below.

Hope this Helps, Greg


Greg replied to the topic 'Apple Keynote WWDC New FCPX and ARM processors' in the forum. 3 months ago

Slowly getting to watch some of the WWDC dev vids ”State of the Platform”, “Explore the new system architecture of Apple Silicon Macs”, “Explore the Action & Vision app”, (Thanks Karsten), and the www.fcp.co/final-cut-pro/news/2285-fcp-c...arm-based-processors segment and several videos on Swift and SwiftUI and some things seem more apparent to me.

In previous post I wrote… "Wonder about RAM, will it be universal shared RAM like in current devices or will Apple create separate RAM for Macs."
Definitely it is "Unified Memory" not separate RAM. This is talked about in several vids including the SOP and System Architecture (First couple of minutes explores this). Several slides and talk including Craig F, Johny S, … all showing why the Unified Memory is faster with no PCIe bus overhead. So I predict for the all new Apple Silicon Macs, no separate vRAM.

No AMD, Intel, or Nvidia GPU’s, just Apple’s GPU design and fabrication. Apple has bought up a couple of companies to acquire IP to GPU chip design and I think we see the results in current iOS devices. Expect to see new GPUs for Macs, but I don’t think Apple will offer ASM with 3rd party GPUs. Apple claims up to 1,000% faster GPU performance for iPad from original iPad. What will the future bring as Apple is able to scale up the cores and voltage for Macs instead of constrains from device size/power/temps?

In the SOP session, Anand talks about ASM being able to Boot any macOS that is signed by Apple allowing your Mac to boot older macOS versions both internally and from external drives. Currently, you cannot run an older macOS than shipped with model, without 3rd party virtualization. Now supported by Big Sur on ASM Macs out of box. Interesting!

In Live13, I liked a lot of what Jace S has to say and agree with him about uniform code and advantages for programmers especially cross device platforms. Not said is how this may help in discovering and eliminating bugs faster.

More design UI uniformity between device platforms will help all users.

Metal, CoreML, Neural Engine, now more important than ever. OpenGL/CL no longer competitive and Metal is the way to go. New Driver kit and massive move to eliminate all 3rd party Kernel Extensions. I give kexts about 2 more years max. Time to rewrite drivers/extensions.

I’m liking that people are saying that so far, Big Sur (do we now use initials of BS??) is very stable especially for a beta 1 version. Hope this bodes well for reliability going forward over the last couple of OS’s.

Lots more to digest
Happy Editing, Greg
p.s. I got a kick out of the vid Karsten linked to because of the demo of the Corn Hole game, renamed bean bag toss(polite company name) I have played this for at least a decade so fun to see in Apple vid. Very interesting app and now I can get some technical analysis for my throwing techniques. Don't tell my family I am cheating via computer technology.:P


Greg replied to the topic 'Apple Keynote WWDC New FCPX and ARM processors' in the forum. 3 months ago

Apple Branding
Apple Silicon is more than just the ARM chips, it is all of the added SOCs integrated into the logic board. Apple has been making it's own chips (TSMC fabs) all along and only licenses the architecture created by ARM. It is the integration that can make devices run faster and more efficiently. Something I think you know.
Apple Branding wants to make clear that it isn't your Grandpa's Oldsmobile that you are driving, but AppleCar.

Craig F in the interview with John Gruber on Daring Fireball around 48min in says that the A12z is only a test device and Apple has NO intention of ever releasing in consumer device. Much bigger and better chips being prepared for the Mac line up.

Worlds fastest computer is now ARM based. ARM is an easily expandable RISC CPU processor, so things like core count is only constrained by device size/thermals/$$.
Wonder about RAM, will it be universal shared RAM like in current devices or will Apple create separate RAM for Macs.

I vote that we may see several Macs come out this year including a new Apple Silicon iMac(6K:unsure: ) and new laptops. Don't think it will only be low end Macs. Just guessing like everyone else.

Haven't had time to watch sessions from WWDC yet, so looking forward. Anyone have suggestions for interesting dev videos?

Happy Editing, Greg


Greg replied to the topic 'FCPX Crashes, freezes, kernel Panic... All of them' in the forum. 3 months ago

O'my Free, what a headache:(
I'm really leaning towards hardware/chip issue.
As mentioned, booting from external drive and consider using Mojave as OS might show if issues persist to be hardware related.

I did see something in the logs you reported in response #108145 that I don't think I have ever seen generated by a system log and that is emoji being shown like here… /Applications/Coremelt/VTwinFx.app/Contents/PlugIns/VTwinFx.pluginkit/Contents/PlugIns/VTwinFx.fxplug/Contents/Frameworks/libjpeg.dylib
0x115a37000 - 0x115a98ff7 +libtiff.dylib (<img src="//daxfo0ox0rob7.cloudfront.net/media/kunena/emoticons/cool.png" width="20" height="20" alt="8)" title="8)" class="bbcode_smiley" /> <83125AD2-EF2A-3D84-B0A0-E9DEED49ABA7>
Screen shot of how it looks on my screen…

Several others are showing up. Anyone ever see this in a log file before?? Is this a problem?

Despite the re-install of Catalina, I think you may still have a corrupt OS install, maybe?? Fresh install of external ssd drive should eliminate that possibility, especially if you try Mojave.

One last diagnostic you can do is examine each crash/panic log and look for common crash links/causes. I am not seeing this with available info, but if the same causes show up then that will point to suspect process/code or even possible hardware.

As Guru says, if you have tried everything suggested here, then time to take to Apple.:unsure:


Greg replied to the topic 'Apple Keynote WWDC New FCPX and ARM processors' in the forum. 3 months ago

Hey Karsten
You know I think I agree with you, It should be possible for FCPX to run on iPadOS. Didn't quite link iPad possibility.
Apple has been aligning the backend for uniformity between OS's with shared code/libraries/frameworks/Xcode/Swift so programming can be shared.

As far as performance goes, we'll have to wait for final product release and then testing. However, we do have comparisons between current products, and the ARM architecture in raw operations is at least as fast and sometimes faster than Intel, so I expect the new Macs to be at least equal, but power requirements to go down so laptops should go much farther between charges.
Who is to say that Apple won't release a new ARM processor beyond the A12Z that the Apple developer model Mini has? The developer kit is rental only, and in the past the ADK Intel computers shipped with a Pentium4(??) if I remember correctly, so we may (or not) see entirely new chips. The SOCs that Apple is making is also where you already see vast improvements over competitors ARM chips. So, we'll see…
Why didn't Apple buy ARM? It's was sold in 2016 to SoftBank a Japanese holding company for what is Apple pocket change. Apple has a licensing agreement only. Hope it is for a very long time.

Unfortunately, my 2012 rMBP is also not going to make the BigSur upgrade. :( I so love Big Sur. Have hiked and camped there many times. Hot springs too! Maybe next road trip:)

Be safe, Happy Editing,


Greg replied to the topic 'FCPX Crashes, freezes, kernel Panic... All of them' in the forum. 3 months ago

Hi Free
OK lots going on and many questions to answer.
First Things First - - - Make Sure you have Back-Ups!! Given what is going on, you need to have back-ups (3 including offsite((iCloud?) if you can)
Short answer and what I would recommend you do now is to reinstall the OS. After backing up!

While you have not posted your entire EtreCheck Report, it is showing KP's and app crashes by several operations in the last 7 days, Yikes. FCPX crashed 19 times. At least now you know the difference between kernel panics and app crashes.

Since you stated that you recently upgraded the OS to Catalina and that is when you noticed issues, it is entirely possible that you got a corrupted install and maybe a core service or framework code got toasted.
You can reinstall without loosing data (You did back up, right?) by following these instructions… support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/reinstall-macos-mchlp1599/mac
In essence you hold down the Option+Command+R keys while booting to download and install the latest version available for your Mac.
I think this is a good way to eliminate the MacOS as cause. Good internet speeds help here.
Today WWDC started, and historically the Apple servers get hammered so be patient.

I think it is also possible that you have a hardware issue, possibly RAM?? Could also a chip going, but try the reinstall first. You can stress test RAM with an app Rember which is just a Graphic User Interface (GUI) for the built-in Memtest. You can run Memtest in Terminal if you want. This program will run data loops to stress test RAM. RAM can work OK sometimes, but stressed and heated up may fail.

Joema is right about apps are not supposed to crash the OS, but it can happen. If an app makes a call to a corrupt system code/processes, it can cause issues and even app crashes or Kernel Panics.

With the snippets of reports you listed, only the last KP is shown and it shows FCPX making a call to panic(cpu 3 caller 0xffffff800b24aa3a): Kernel trap at 0xffffff7f8d984c15, type 14=page fault, registers:
This indicates that the system made a call to an invalid page(register)

RIP: 0xffffff7f8d984c15
This is the register that was called that is faulty and is a program counter(What exactly it is, is unknown)

Fault CR2: 0x0000000000000000, Error code: 0x0000000000000002, Fault CPU: 0x3, PL: 0, VF: 0
This is the address of the memory that caused the fault. Deciphering some of this requires a decompiler, and not something you want to do.
So all of this mostly points to the OS not finding a register and page of instructions it needs. Could create a loop of calls and responses. Really need to see actual logs at time of KP.

Yes Ulbow can be intimidating so everyone should use what they are comfortable with. What Howard is providing are tools to go deeper than Apple's to help diagnose your system. Apple is not known for detailed and specific error codes. Most are generalized and poorly documented IMHO. Ulbow gives us more diagnostic power and great search and filtering ability.

The file on your desktop (VideoAppDiagnostics-FinalCut) was created by FCPX and relates to your preferences(Or so I thought??). Interesting about the reports. Can you read them? Try highlighting and then hitting spacebar to open with QuickLook. Just curious.

I now doubt it is your media at this point. However, having lots of different video/stills formats and then using lots of plug-ins especially drop zones with multi-cam clips could slow down your project. Beachballs. This may be a second issue not fully related to the KP but could explain FCPX crashing. Try using a different user with no plug-ins and see if sluggishness will go away. You can import some footage off your iPhone/camcorder/media files on drive, and create new library/event/project. Does it work better?

.mov/mp4 are just containers,

Free, I really hope you can resolve this and create a fantastic birthday gift.

Best of Luck
Hope this Helps, Greg