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JC created a new topic ' Shared libraries breaking paths to Motion content' in the forum. 4 months ago


I know this is is an old issue, but it caught me out yesterday and annoyed a client so any insights/ tips would be appreciated!

With a very quick turnaround I was cutting a sizzle with a view to handing over a Library that would relink to all assets from another Mac. So I had the media/cache on an external drive and Motion Content in the Library.

I had perhaps foolishly, assumed that Motion Content (by now!) included custom titles. I like to use these as "adjustment layers" for grading so I can quickly enable/disable effects.

On handover despite the client actually having the same "Alex 4D Adjustment layer" installed on his machine and even with me dropping these "Titles" in the Motion content folder of the Library - he got the dreaded red screen warning and big T.

Cue new layers and a lot of cutting and pasting of attributes. Not great.

With some research I understand I might be able to go in by hand and alter file paths of the project XML - but that is less than ideal.

So is there a simple way of setting up a Library - where the media is external and I can know that my Motion Content with Custom Titles (and perhaps some installed plugins) will work when I transfer the Library to a new machine?

Many thanks,