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Jose replied to the topic 'Strange frame export problem.' in the forum. 1 week ago

I have the same computer (Vega 48 instead) and I've not observed this issue in FCPX 10.4.9. Perhaps this idea could help you but I've changed my workflow using EditReady app: now all my video sources (GH5, GoPro, Sony RX) are converted to ProRes in EditReady before they are imported to FCPX.


Jose replied to the topic 'fcpxml of clips with 8ch audio' in the forum. 1 week ago

helge.tjelta wrote: Hi, I'm having really big problems with fcpxml from fcpx. This is a new problem in 10.4.9.

Workflow; edit as usual, turn on and off audio channels in clip. i.e. only ch 2 are on in a clip with 8 ch.
When doing an export of xml, and taking this via X2pro and into Nuendo,
Both fcpxml 1.8 and 1.9, mojave and Catalina.

A lot of extra work here now... Darn.

Anyone else ?

I haven't never used X2Pro (obviously NO experience ) but I'm Nuendo user since version 2 . In the past, importing audio from FCP pre-10 versions to Nuendo was flawless. But things have changed with FCPX and actual Nuendo versions. Be careful with X2Pro because there are a lots of negative experiences between X2Pro and Nuendo in Steinberg user forums (don't forget that this app is mainly optimised for Protools). I chose to export FCPX projects as QuickTIme video together audio multitrack. In Nuendo you have the options of importing Video either Audio from Video. In both, Nuendo will import the audio tracks as like you set them in the tab of window FCPX share. Create a Nuendo project with frame rate and TC as same in FCPX and insert the tracks. Use the Silence detection feature and Nuendo will erase empty areas. As usually I'd recommend export a 2POP start/finish and TC burned
I enclose a display capture example


Jose replied to the topic 'Setup 2 external monitor for Final Cut Pro X' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

In System preferences> Display you must see mirror option checkbox available.


Jose replied to the topic 'mTracker 3D from MotionVFX' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

I've just paid. Now wait the toy:cheer:


Jose replied to the topic 'mTracker 3D from MotionVFX' in the forum. 4 weeks ago

I've just seen the videoclip demo in Youtube motionvfx channel and I was shocked :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
Now have to wait both price and computer specs


Jose replied to the topic 'Export 45 mins TV documentary from FCP7 to Premiere Pro' in the forum. 3 months ago

Interesting question. Just XtoCC ( intelligentassistance.com/xtocc.html ) translates FCPX XML files to FCP 6/7 XML files that are compatible with Adobe CC apps. I think that if you export FCP original projects to XML 6/7 files format you must import them successfully in Adobe CC...:blink: :blink: :blink: Am I wrong???


Jose replied to the topic 'Should I use a RAID 0 setup?' in the forum. 4 months ago

There are already RAID 0 hard/soft solutions avalaible for Mac . I’m OWC Thunderbay 4 bay owner (SoftRaidXT) . Nice performance for 4K


Jose replied to the topic 'FCPX Crashes When Using Export XML' in the forum. 4 months ago

Droogles wrote: .....

It's really disappointing to have to do this when I have paid all of this money. Oh well.

Just a bit on advice on troubleshooting this. I simply starting removing stuff from the timeline one at a time until I found the issue. Then I walked back through each change I made to the issue component until I found precisely what the issue was with the component itself.

Yes I also agree "it's disappointing". I had to uninstall PFS stuff from my computer and my FCPX workflow was improved


Jose replied to the topic 'Simon Ubsdell has shut down his YTchannel' in the forum. 4 months ago

Simon's tutorials are recommended by Apple as advanced resources for Motion. Who knows what will happen in the future, Will Apple contract to Mr Simon? ..:woohoo: :woohoo:


Jose replied to the topic 'Colors look extremely saturated after export.' in the forum. 4 months ago

As FCPGuru wrote videoscope are the main tools for grading. But, where do you check your videoclips? external monitor? computer display?
I'm currently only using my iMac 27" 5K Retina display calibrated with Datacolor SpyderX . I know that best choice would be an external broadcast auto calibrated monitor but I feel that I can get decent results with an iMac panel (correctly calibrated :) )


Jose replied to the topic 'Need help choosing external graphics card for eGPU' in the forum. 4 months ago

Hi samuelmetzger
When Mac Pro 7.1 (together a Catalina OS update) were launched last Fall, Apple stated that FCPX and Motion will take advantage of multiGPU Mac computers (due to Metal2). Even though my 2019 iMac 27" has a great Pro Vega 48 I thought that add a second eGPU would be a good idea. I chose an OWC eGPU external chasis (sales) and I bought a Radeon Vega 56. Today I think was a right choice
I have not done before/after tests because of I bought the iMac just when Apple updated FCPX and Catalina. But I can say that FCPX is able to use both internal/external GPU (as you know you can check the eGPU in render/share playback preferences). I don't know the total impact about renders time on your specific computer, but I think that you must also notice a substantial improvement


Jose replied to the topic 'The future for fcp.co and FCPX' in the forum. 5 months ago

AppleGuru wrote:

Scrubelicious wrote: I actually understand what AppleGuru is saying, this is something I have heard from students and users that I have interacted with.
Find me at least five tutorials in the same quality as you can find on VideoCopilot site.

For example:;
Speed Particles
The Healer
Eye Replacement
Moving 3D Lines
Time Freeze

Do you want high level Motion tutorials? OK, you could begin with Mr Simon Ubsdell tutorials
There are 150 video tutes " for god level " in Motion, enjoy it!


Hi Aswien
I'm very frustrated with pixelfilm plugins. I can confirm that Propatch 3.0 also crash fcpx and auto tracker doesn't work correctly. I'd recommend you plugins from Coremelt, Factory , Motionvfx , perhaps more expensive but in my case they have shown quality, stability and good support
Best and stay safe


Jose replied to the topic 'Need computer advise' in the forum. 5 months ago

IMO I think that with this computer setup you may have difficulty to handle 4K video files. Perhaps with proxies, low resolution, little effects, no composing , etc... you "could use it" . But if you want the superb Metal2 fcpx power you'll need a Mac with both better graphic card and processor.
I'd recommend you have a look to old Mac Pro 5.1 revamped with RX580 and xeon processors. OWC have a lot of them a very nice prices


Jose thanked Mike Snell in topic Stay Home PSA 6 months ago