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Marc replied to the topic 'Phantom library size - file corruption?' in the forum. 10 months ago

Hi Joema, thanks so much for your thorough response. I am running FCPX 10.4.8 on MacOS 10.15.2 on both machines so I don't think its an issue with running outdated versions of either.

I create a library per project and archive them to the NAS as soon as they're done, so the problem is with the projects that I was working on when I had the problem with the iMac last month. I can't remember exactly what version I was on on FCPX or MacOS at the time, but it was whatever was in public release at the time, and I've been using the APFS filesystem since it was released in High Sierra. I did try and run First Aid Disk Utility before I copied the files over and reinstalled MacOS but it found no errors. I also ran Diagnostic mode to check for memory errors and that didn't turn up any issues either.

I found some old posts on recovering corrupt libraries by deleting the FCPX database file and letting FCPX rebuild the files upon opening the library, but it looks like they've changed the way this is handled since those posts were published. Do you know if there's some similar work around for the current version of FCPX that might be able to force FCPX to rebuild the library and perhaps recalculate the disk space used?

Thanks again for taking the time to reply to my messages, it's very helpful!

Marc replied to the topic 'Phantom library size - file corruption?' in the forum. 10 months ago

Thanks for your response Joema, I think you're suggesting I copy the files back to the Mac to troubleshoot, but the problem is that the files are now so large, I don't have enough room on my local drive to house them. For example, I have one file that is showing as a 1.2 terabyte file, but I only have about 600GB of free space on my local drive.

One thing I should clarify is that the file sizes are only showing up too large when I check the file size through Finder on a Mac. When I look at the file through SSH or through the NAS web interface, it's showing up correctly as a 14.2GB file. Is there any way to fix these while they're on the NAS? I am accessing the NAS via SMB3.

Marc created a new topic ' Phantom library size - file corruption?' in the forum. 10 months ago

I have a very odd problem that I'm not sure how to describe. I think it started with my late 2014 27-inch iMac which started exhibiting very strange behavior like having a file in the recycle bin that I couldn't purge, and random reboots, and extreme slowness (took 15 minutes to boot up). I ended up transferring all my files to a NAS and reinstalling MacOS which seems to have fixed the problems on the iMac for now, but the files I transferred are in a sorry state.

As it pertains to FCPX Libraries, some of my libraries are reading ridiculously large file sizes (multiple terabytes). For reference my average libraries are around 20GB. I can still load the file and the video and all my edits seem to be intact. Deleting render files, proxies, etc does not reduce the file size and if I peak into the package contents, I see things like the ".fcpcache" folder repeating itself (I'll attach a screen shot), where clicking ".fcpcache" shows the same contents as the parent folder, and then clicking the ".fcpcache" folder shows the contents of that parent folder ad infinitum.

One thing I tried to do is to make a copy of the original library which then reduced the size of the package to 0 bytes, but this isn't right either. These copied libraries open up and the videos and my edits are all in tact.

Any idea on how I can fix this? I'm not even sure what the problem is exactly. If it were file corruption I'd imagine the library wouldn't open properly. I can't seem to find any posts pertaining to this issue, so if anyone has any ideas I'd really appreciate the help.