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Philip created a new topic ' 3 questions regarding FCPX and Sony A6400' in the forum. 12 months ago

Hi there!

I've just bought a new camera (Sony A6400) and just started video editing. So I got three questions...

1. I set the camera to 100fps but when I start a new library/project it can only reach 60p. How so?

2. I'm about to make a cinematic video and record half of the footage in 24p and some in 100p to be able to make some scenes in very smooth slow motion. But what if I choose the project to be in for example 60p, wouldn't the whole project come out just as that?

3. As you all know the Sony A6400 can record in 4K. But how do I switch to that? All I can change to is 1080 as far as I can see.

Thank you very much!