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So this will seem like an odd request so I'll explain the need.

I'm editing a film to be projected onto a sphere using a rather complex 4 projector system. Basically the system takes my traditional format, cuts it, handles all the overlap and brightness fall off. It's quite slick.

But, this means I need to take my primary story, mask and translate it to be one side of the sphere, make a copy and do the same to be on the other side of the sphere.

I have done this where I used a still image as the primary story and had two different connected clips of the actual film edit as secondaries.

The problem is I really want to refine the edit, complete with effects and transitions, as the primary story and then just make a copy and apply a simple translation to be sure all the transitions, etc. are identical.

I have not found a way to do this (but I am not a massively experienced FCPXer)

My finished result should look like a static image (but actually with some animated effects in Motion) and what looks like two, in sync, PIP copies of the actual film edit (see attached file)

Any thoughts or do I just have to resign myself to a painful process due to the bizarre projection system?