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Joe replied to the topic 'FCPX importing extremely slow -- causes?' in the forum. 1 year ago

I've been using these cards and this SSD for a while, so I'm assuming it could be some type of update changed something, or I'm having some hardware failings happening.

Thanks for your insight!

Joe created a new topic ' FCPX importing extremely slow -- causes?' in the forum. 1 year ago

Hello everyone!

I'm hoping someone here might have some insight.

My most recent project seems to be having some issues importing audio and video. It's doing it, but extremely slowly. I'm on the latest 10.4.5 version of FCPX, and none of the media cards have changed from other recent projects. I'm following the same process I do each time I start a new project around here:

1) Wipe the cards (via formatting in the camera or in the Xoom H6, depending on the card use)
2) Shoot and record!
3) Import into the new FCPX project.

Importing from my Xoom card used to be almost instant. Now, for 40 min of audio, it took upwards of 10 minutes. Video took at least 15-20.

I've nuked my Mac in the last six months, and I'm writing to an SSD directly connected to my mac via USB3.0.

Might anyone have any ideas on where to look for a possible issue? Disk Utility tells me the SSD is fine. It had plenty of room on both it and the Mac itself. I just don't know where to look at this point.