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Ben, thanks for the tip on the FB group. I have now requested to join. I enjoyed your FCPX audio presentations during 2017 NAB btw.

I received a response with an interesting point from my inquiry to the MotionVFX support team, and I will quote the it below.

"Please note that there’s a bug in Apple’s FxPlug that prevents Motion 5 from sending the correct keyframe interpolation data to any plugin (not only mO2).
Only Linear and Bezier interpolation works properly so these two are the only ones that are supported by mO2 - using the "Ease" option converts the keyframe to the "custom" interpolation that messes the entire animation up."

Best regards,

Hey all,

I wouldn't call myself a beginner in Motion 5, but I'm having a difficult time smoothing my camera moves in my mO2 animations. I've been using "ease both"in the keyframe editor, but still, there is no easement. I'm looking at my keyframe lines, and I don't see why the camera moves so jerky. Maybe it's not motion, but mO2's issue? Or maybe I'm missing something entirely.

FCP.CO is great. Your input is appreciated. Thank you.