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Marc Webb created a new topic ' Frame.io, anyone else have these issues.' in the forum. 1 year ago

Hi all.

Hope you are all well.

I am having some very annoying and strange behaviour and wanted to know if you guys ( anyone ) have had the same or similar issues?

- share destinations show directly after installing frame.io, but if I quit FCPX and then open it again, they all disappear.

- was advised to add the share destination manually, this just fails on the Frame.io end, but shows as SUCCESSFUL on the FCPX end.

- import comments option only brings up a box from FCPX end, asking which library I want to import it to but doesn't not show any comments at all, or give me the drag and drop tile like shown on the site.

please can anyone help shed some light on this at all?

Thanks In advance.

Hi peeps,

Fresh and new here, please be gentle,.
does anyone else on here use frame io with 10.4.4? I had it working fine and had to re-install FCPX due to unrelated issue ( DVD Burning ) and since then, frame, io won't work properly, and the folder for share destinations in library is now empty, whats happened? can anyone help?