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William Hohauser replied to the topic 'I just need an FCPX and Motion workstation' in the forum. 2 years ago

An iMac might just fit the bill but you need to assess your peripheral situation before making a decision. I have had a 2013 8-core MacPro for over 4 years now and have been very happy with the performance in FCPX and Compressor. Don't use Motion at all. The pluses are great rendering times in FCPX and Compressor, it's rare to have so many effects and layers piled on that you can't have live playback in FCPX. The minus is that it is essentially obsolete unless Apple is somehow using the same dual thin GPU cards for the 2019 MacPro which is unlikely. There were never any improvements to the GPU cards but that's not saying that the cards are bad, quite the opposite but upgrades never appeared. Compressor likes more CPU cores, Motion likes the dual GPUs which I believe all nMPs have. You will probably have to get a number of adapters for your monitor(s) and external drives that are not USB3 or Thunderbolt.