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agreed thats what I did this morning the quality was really good. it uploaded successfully via the youtube uploader, not using the fcpx uploader. I use compressor to set a higher bitrate too. makes a big difference.

Anyone experienced this? error on upload 1005, last night during the night I saw it was 33% completed. now this...
(using 10.3.4)
2GB file, 18 minutes.

how do others upload huge HD files consistently? seems this is half the battle.

Im now trying the youtube uploader. exported as apple proRes422. 1.8GB.
I read Tom Wolsky`s and yephers thread on apple (having problems logging into apple forum at the moment) so I see 1005 is a common error. Initially I thought it might have been a contentID issue with music because I purchased some royalty free tracks from soundstripe and they warned that if I encounter contentID issues to let them know. But seems that is not the issue more likely just the upload itself.

Thanks Karsten, the subrole works and allows me to isolate those tracks in the time line added bonus.

Thanks Tom will do, yea on the one hand it can be useful if you want to only tag instances moving forward but more useful for me to "update" existing clips with new tags as i`m working, this adds to the non linear approach of metadata management. and I always thought instances were a copy of the original and changes filtered through, so this works a bit different or I didnt get it in the first place.

will send through my feature request.

**also finding if in the keyword editor you add say 4 keywords, if you delete the end one, all 4 keywords get deleted...frustrating.. yet if you delete any of the others before the last keyword, only that one keyword gets deleted. probably a bug.

Thanks Tom i`ll try that,
Thanks Karsten for the feedback link.
someone told me the KB is a smoother outcome after rendering thats why im doing it, but also its a bit quicker for what I want to do I think over a few hundred photos. im going to run a test on vimeo to see the results of both.
i`ll remove transitions as well for now and see how it goes

Marco replied to the topic 'copy a kenburns to other clips?' in the forum. 3 years ago
Marco thanks user 'Tom Wolsky' in the forum message ' copy a kenburns to other clips?'. 3 years ago

doing a whole bunch of ken burns to photos,
many times when I click a corner of the "start" frame in the kenburns, the playhead in the timeline shoots to the start of the photo in the time line, even though I initially place it in the middle of the photo in the time line.
And the preview window goes black as a result of that. very unstable performance with that.

really annoying as I cannot see the preview (when it goes black) while adjusting the ken burns start frame..
just having a grouch.

some suggestions: (where can I post suggestions so an FCPX dev can view them?)
1. while adjusting the KB would be nice to be able to use the space bar as a "hand tool" to move the main preview window around if the corners of the KB have been shifted off the screen.
2. move the "swap start/end frame positions" button in the KB and the "done" button to just below the preview window, when working even on my maclaptop I find moving from top left to top right then back down to the time line to select the next clip is a triangle journey in itself. Time waster over many clips...

Marco created a new topic ' copy a kenburns to other clips?' in the forum. 3 years ago

Is there anyway of copying a kenburns move to subsequent clips? so I do it once on one clip, now want to copy that adjustment to the next few clips or where ever, (wish we could save it as a preset together with linear movement that I set)..

i`ve tried a few times now to upload my screen captures but never seems to work... :blink:

No I didnt want to delete the clips and leave the transitions, I wanted to use ctrl D to adjust clip duration, but when I dragged through a range I was subsequently selecting the transitions too.

I realized now what I need to do is go to INDEX/clips/video tab at bottom of index window (that also lists the photos). then I can click the photo in the time line I want to start from, it will be highlighted in the index listing, and then shift click the last photo in the index listing I want to include in the range, this will select all those photos. I can then use ctrl D to adjust the clip duration across all those photos.

I can do the same for transitions by searching index/clips/"cross dissolve" for my transitions, and then using ctrl D to adjust the clip duration.

However the problem with my keyword "photos and PS" not showing up in the index search is concerning me.
I restarted FCPX but the same result.. :dry:

ok so if I selected like hundreds of photos and their transitions by dragging a range through them, how can I now deselect the transitions? (because i`m going to use ctrl D to change the duration of the photos but keep the transitions the same...

I thought the better way to do this is to bring up the clips in the index then select and shift select through a range of them. however if the photos and video clips have different names then that wont work because if I just view them in the clips listing, then I need to manually cmmd click the ones I want anyway, can do this in the time line.

so I tried creating a tag (photos and PS) for all my photos, this way I can bring them up isolate them in the index, however on searching for them they dont appear in the index...

Marco thanks user 'FCPX.guru' in the forum message ' problems applying dissolve transitions 10.3.4'. 3 years ago
Marco replied to the topic 'problems applying dissolve transitions 10.3.4' in the forum. 3 years ago

ah great thankyou, yes I fixed it now. cheers.

ok i`ll give it a try, when I watched youtube they were showing that the kenburns algorithm does a smoother pan/zoom than the transform function in fcpx. (apparently) been too busy to test it myself I know it would only take a couple of minutes just one of those things.

and this video showed me how to create a freezeframe to create a pause then continue the kenburns across the same image 2 or 3 times.
[url=http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h3E5itmC7Q&lc=z22tefuosyenttiltacdp435mzqxrsoyoryeuskno1lw03c010c.1513780733189272]kenburns with pause[/url]