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Mathieu Ghekiere replied to the topic 'mTracker 3D from MotionVFX' in the forum. 2 months ago

I also saw it. Looks very impressive and my experience with the products of MotionVFX have always been very good so I am very curious to see this product. Hopefully not too expensive but if it keeps it promises, it looks like a huge extra capability for FCPX. Sad Apple hasn’t included one yet (you would think with all their work on iOS with AR they would have very good algorithms already) but this could be a great alternative.

Keeping my eyes open for this one.


Francois wrote:

N.B. DaVinci lite had an output size limitation to HD max. it might still be the case.

It's UHD now.

Mathieu Ghekiere replied to the topic '… did I mention TrackX is just awesome!1 :)' in the forum. 4 years ago

It looks great. You can't see it's fake, even on second look.

Mathieu Ghekiere replied to the topic 'motionvfx mCallouts' in the forum. 5 years ago

I had the chance to try the product today as I used it for a movie. I have had Ripple Callouts since years, so I can compare.

It's a great product, mCallouts. Everything you expect to be able to customize, is customizable. The product works very fast, and tracking is very reliable. Styling is great.

It can happy live next to Ripple Callouts, and which one you choose will just depend on the style you want for your product. Both have their own style going on, although I think the mCallouts is the better product of the 2.
It has more presets, it's a bit more stylish (although it depends on what your project needs), it has the Mocha tracking built in, and I think the outro animations are nicer and more well thought out then some of the Ripple Callouts.

Happy customer of both.

Mathieu Ghekiere replied to the topic 'motionvfx mCallouts' in the forum. 5 years ago

I don't agree Ben.

I have Ripple Callouts since the first version. I love it, it's a well made product, but the mCallouts feature the Mocha Tracking *and* the callouts look very different (I could say a bit more stylish, but that's preference).

I think both products have their own look and can complement each other instead of replacing each other. I think the version from MotionVFX seems more for promos while the Ripple Callouts seems a bit more geared towards the educational market.
I have had good service from both companies. And MotionVFX's implementation is often very good, as is Ripple Trainings.
And to be honest: I gave a shout out to Steve Martin from Ripple Training to change the out-animation of their circle-callout in their product. It animates on by a kind of write-on behaviour, but the out-animation is just a fade. It would be nice if it did the opposite movement of disappearing. He said it was a good idea and they would look into it, but that was a couple of years ago and no change as of yet :-)
But I used Ripple Callouts a lot, and it served and serves me well.
I bought mCallouts for a movie I'm gonna edit later this month, so I can't compare directly yet.

That being said, Ben, if you bought Adobe download-only, you also used to pay a lot.

And if you were a European customer, like me, you often paid to 50 percent more for the same product as Americans, which was just downloading from the same server in America.

That being said, I think FCS 2 was also an attractive price considering the package it was. Yes, it had a higher barrier then a 300 dollar FCPX, but it was still affordable if you wanted to make it your job. And it was a great suite, at one point being the first (if I'm not mistaken) to include a professional color grading program at an affordable price.

Erik Graham thanks user 'sidderke' in the forum message ' Best FCPX plugins?'. 5 years ago
Mathieu Ghekiere has a new avatar. 5 years ago
Mathieu Ghekiere
Mathieu Ghekiere replied to the topic 'how to give roles on separate audio channels?' in the forum. 5 years ago

Allright, thanks for the information :-)

Mathieu Ghekiere replied to the topic 'how to give roles on separate audio channels?' in the forum. 5 years ago

Wouldn't Role-O-Matic not also help in automating the process? (I'm not complete sure how it works, so I could be wrong here)


Mathieu Ghekiere replied to the topic 'Does FCP Target The Pro Market?' in the forum. 5 years ago

To answer on your original question Ben:

I also mentioned this at the Creative Cow forum after someone posted the interview, because I also found it a bit of a worrying statement, especially considering from who it came.

On the other hand, I try to 'comfort' myself with the statement:
Apple made Color affordable, they were at the forefront of making serious color grading accessible.
They pioneered with their Prores Codec.
They have an automated Proxy workflow in FCPX, great RED RAW support in FCPX, ...
A lot of their new features (look at 10.1.4 with MXF etc.) are really targeted towards professionals...

I think when people focus in the discussion about 'does Apple care about the pro's', people are quick to point out the negatives (Shake, Color, Soundtrack Pro, Aperture, ...) but don't always mention the positives (introduction of Prores, Color, Thunderbolt, ...). That being said, the above statement did worry me a bit, I can't deny.

Thanks, Peter!
I visit the website very day. It's a great place.

Mathieu Ghekiere replied to the topic 'New Logic Pro X update' in the forum. 5 years ago

Hi Ben,

correct me if I'm wrong, but Logic Pro still hasn't got the more specific noise reduction tools (and more video-oriented stuff) that Soundtrack Pro had?

Mathieu Ghekiere replied to the topic 'New Logic Pro X update' in the forum. 5 years ago

C'mmon Apple, Logic Pro X has been out for over 2 years, and you still can't have it work reliably?
We can only hope with a new update of FCPX, but after 2 years of updates, I'm kind of sad hearing that Apple cannot make it's Pro Apps a bit more compatible, especially since they mark it as a feature and both programs were more or less a complete rewrite.

On another note, I would hope that Ripple Training one day makes a course on Logic X purely for filmmakers. I don't know if the update of yesterday (spectral editing?) helps in canceling background noise and that kind of stuff. Pure on audio editing for films and video. Compression, mixing, background noise, ...

Mathieu Ghekiere replied to the topic 'Apple User Manuals, Guides, Feedback Links List' in the forum. 5 years ago

Thanks for the links.

I still think it's sad that Apple doesn't provide pdfs of the manuals anymore.

Mathieu Ghekiere replied to the topic 'Motionvfx' in the forum. 5 years ago

I got the same mail. Nice to hear.

Their products are really great and I really don't regret anything I bought from them. And I am sure he's correct when he says they spend a lot of hours to make everything, one of the reasons that I think you often make an impulse buy of their stuff, is because of the price. 99 dollars is a lot less impulse buy then a 49 dollar template.
I bought a lot of their stuff because of those prices. I would buy a lot less with the double prices.

I'm glad they are returning their prices to what they were.

And about their company, nothing but respect, in general.


Considering everything the guy accomplished, I sort of am sad to see him go.
I hope they have someone as visionary as him following up, for the development of Final Cut Pro X.