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RichardDO thanks user 'TrixTrax9000 ' in the forum message ' Please Help about Video Effect'. 6 years ago
J replied to the topic '500 Megs Of Free Light Leaks!' in the forum. 6 years ago

The LightLeakLove transition link to DropBox is dead


J replied to the topic 'Please Help about Video Effect' in the forum. 6 years ago

Please clarify;

Are you talking about the glowing lines which trace outlines on the models?

Or about the drop down swivel name plates with pointers?

Ok, now I see exactly what you're talking about. Thank you for posting the pic. Yes, I'd call those "dividers" too. That's a problem I've never encountered or even heard of. However, since the female component on the device has the terminals fixed & the entry port's alignment parameters are machined to such precise tolerances, I think that if you take a moment of care ensuring you're guiding the card in perfectly straightly, all terminals should line up properly.

Not sure what caused the plastic to deteriorate like that, perhaps sunlight, temperature changes or just aging. If you see one of them coming loose, I'd carefully remove it while taking extra care to not disrupt the electrical terminals. The last thing you want is some loose bit of plastic debris inside your camera or mac.

Your card should still operate perfectly as long as you push it in straight to ensure all the terminals make their correct contacts.

J created a new topic ' Flaming Text Effect' in the forum. 6 years ago

Normally I would have posted this in our Editing for Music Videos thread in the Off Topic forum, but it's not particularly a good music video. Actually, it's rather mediocre; bad song, terrible acting by the bad guy, etc.

However, there is a flaming text effect which is repeated several times near the beginning. Ok, we've all seen some flaming text, but this is one of the nicest versions I've observed, where the letters actually disintegrate & flame out as particles.

Anyone know of this being possible with the FCPX / Motion setup, Plugins, etc? Or will we need AE or other?



J replied to the topic 'Editing for Music Videos' in the forum. 6 years ago

Not normally the style of music you'd mesh with high octane ski stunts, yet it fits perfectly. The colors & lights are breathtaking & beautifully graceful. I find this art genius on many levels. No wonder Vimeo have it as their Staff Pick.


We use SD cards frequently, but not sure what you mean by the word "divider."

Could you please post a pic of the damage, perhaps someone here can help.
I've had the actual SD card exterior case split along the side seam once, can't remember what brand it was.
The repair probably entailed a tiny drop of that watery superglue, just inside the seam, being ever so careful not to leave any residue on the outside where it can contaminate the camera or Mac.

But still going to need a pic to know exactly what the problem is.


J replied to the topic 'Editing For Trailers' in the forum. 6 years ago

Here's a completely different style, for a film I'd never heard of, yet it's making quite a buzz at the moment. Kind of a surprise hit, little indie film in black & white from Poland that's made over $10 Million so far. This Indiewire article says the distributors credit the trailer with much of the success, though it's only one aspect of their clever strategy.

An exploration of artistic minimalism? You be the judge.

Some nice touches, even moving the subtitles, or the splash of pink... enjoy


J replied to the topic 'Login problems' in the forum. 6 years ago

It's still logging me out, but I've found a tolerable workaround of sorts.

The latest incarnation of Opera browser (25.0) auto fills the username & password fields for me once I set it. Sure I know other browsers do this, but what they don't do is give me the precision cookie control over the exceptions I allow. Did you know the latest version of Safari STILL can't block cookies? Maybe that's not a concern for you, but some of us who don't work for the NSA enjoy a bit more control over our passage thru webspace.

Anyhoo.. my arrival at FCP.co is ever so slightly facilitated a smidge more gracefully, with Opera (free). So maybe I'll visit here more often now.

(but it would be nice if the site were fixed)


J replied to the topic 'Editing For Trailers' in the forum. 6 years ago

Long time since we fired up this thread... let's get to it

That Stoker trailer is genius, so artistically beautiful, not just the incorporation of the art work, but the feel, music, mood, some of the transitions, the flaxen hair to wheat to grass. The overall mood, the whole thing is mesmerizing. Also we have a strange juxtaposition with the light lyrical almost whimsical song against some rather macabre subject matter. Yet, they go about as close to the edge as they can in a trailer, but we're never off the hook. Well done.

Here's one back at ya.

Do you think they made it dramatic enough?


J created a new topic ' Pro Quality Audio in FCPX?' in the forum. 6 years ago

Hey guys

Since FCPX first came out, there's been much talk here & elsewhere about bringing the audio tools up to par with the video capabilities of the app. A new plugin called Spectre Spectrograph assists in visualizing audio problems in FCPX.

It's been my experience that most people in the film industry are visually oriented, yet sound many postulate is 50% of film. Translating audio into a visual expression that we can adjust & improve, really harmonizes with artistic wiring.

This may be exactly what some have been clamoring for...


Sara at Crumplepop has given me permission to share my half price discount code, though I'm not sure of Peter's & this site's current relationship with Crumplepop so if you check my Twitter feed ( @GlobalWatchM3 ), I shared the code yesterday. The code will only be good for a couple more days.

I was going to share the link to the Crumplepop page as well, but I don't think that's allowed.
You can find it by websearch, but the price they show for the plug ( $79 ) is halved with the code.

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J replied to the topic 'Login problems' in the forum. 6 years ago

Once upon a time I'd visit this site daily. One of my favorites. Would enjoy talking film or checking out the new templates the guys had developed. But now, with the site logging me out every few minutes, it's a giant time waster. Also, the new templates aren't highlighted as once they were, further compounding the hassle factor. In the middle of my busy day, I can't just surf by & see what's new without another exercise in futility. Can't afford the time or aggravation, so I just go elsewhere or to twitter

There are quite a few sites I'm a member of, all of them work seamlessly, except fcp.co

It's a shame because everything used to work perfectly here... what happened?


NOLAN CREATION thanks user 'TrixTrax9000 ' in the forum message ' Free Particles'. 6 years ago
Charlie thanks user 'TrixTrax9000 ' in the forum message ' 500 Megs Of Free Light Leaks!'. 6 years ago
Enrico Garbuglia thanks user 'TrixTrax9000 ' in the forum message ' 500 Megs Of Free Light Leaks!'. 6 years ago

Hi J, I wrote to to the CoreMelt people via FB and explained your situation. Maybe they get back beginning of the week. I asked them to contact you... Show more

J Thanks Paul, I appreciate the effort. I'm really looking forward to that CoreMelt plug, their demo video is impressive. 7 years ago
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