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Francis Gauthier replied to the topic 'Multicam and Stabilisation' in the forum. 5 months ago

Lock and Load X natively supports Multi-cam clips and has a batch processing option to stabilize many clips at once


Francis Gauthier replied to the topic 'FCPX and Sidecar display' in the forum. 9 months ago

AV Output in the Window menu would be my guess.
Thats how I send video to my HDMI display.
thinkfilm wrote:

I realize this is a new feature introduced with Catalina but can someone tell me if how to send the video only (using Sidecar) to my iPad connected to my iMac Pro? I seem to be able to put the viewer pane on my iPad using Workspaces but then it disappears from my main iMac workspace. I'm interested in having the viewer/browser/timeline show on my iMac Pro and the video only on my iPad as seen in this image from the Sidecar white paper.
[File Attachment: ScreenShot2019-10-10at3.16.58PM.jpg]


Francis Gauthier replied to the topic 'Unable to de-interlace using compressor' in the forum. 9 months ago

pszilard wrote:

I am following the Help recommendations to the letter, trying to create a de-interlaced compressed .MOV file from a 422 ProRes which is a digital capture from a HiDef DV tape using an Atomos Ninja. The ProRes file is interlaced, even though it showed 1080p on the screen of the recorder.

I then tried to create a H.264 .mov SD file with de-interlacing, but no such luck.

Perhaps someone would like to test how to do this successfully, using a short file segment, and report back?

Thanks, in advance,

If the interlace was recorded as progressive, wouldn't the interlace be baked in ?
as in: it recorded both field on 1 progressive frame.
Does it show as interlace in Media Info?
How about : select clip->inspector->field dominance override->upper first ? in FCP X
Or the deinterlace checkbox ?

Paul Szilard thanks user 'degeneric' in the forum message ' How to bake in project TC'. 1 year ago
Francis Gauthier replied to the topic 'How to bake in project TC' in the forum. 1 year ago

If you blade what needs to be taken out, then shift delete it, your TC will stay accurate until you're done as it will put a gap clip in it's place.

Running HighSierra
It first gave me an error message about: something.something.icloud.something
Then after that it gave me the developper message.

Maybe it as something to do with the fact that is was the first time I used Automator since Lion?

Anyway, It's working fine.

Thanks for the tip

Really cool. I often start multiple export job and go home, wait for the export to finish before I can upload it to an ftp from remote access to my work iMac.

On my test run, it gave me the "not from a trusted developper" message.
Just had to right click on the app and tell it to open it even if not from a trusted developper and then it's working.

Francis Gauthier replied to the topic 'A bug maybe?? Not sure...strange anyway...' in the forum. 2 years ago

Not a bug
Compound clip is like another sequence so not showing the orange bar.
Kind of annoying, but thats how it always been.

sonictimbo wrote:

Hi all
My Mac is a 2 x 2.93GHz 6 core Intel Xeon (Mid 2010)
32 gig memory
Graphics ATI Radeon HD 5778 1024MB

Running El Capitan 10.11.6

My projects are running on an external 2TB drive Firewire

Firewire is the bottleneck, get a USB 3 drive

You need to manually put the QuickTimeMPEG2.component into Macintosh HD--->Library--->QuickTime for quickTime 7 or MPEGStreamclip to open mpeg2.
For me it doesn't play smoothly in QT7 and MPEGStreamclip is having display issue but it does work.

[File Attachment: ScreenShot2017-01-26at4.19.17PM.png]