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Davíð Alexander Corno replied to the topic 'Space Designer buzzing sound' in the forum. 3 months ago

This is a 5 year old thread, but I ran into what I believe is the same problem (the sample of the buzz is no longer available on Vimeo it seems, so can't confirm). I believe I found a fix, and since this is the first thing that came up when I googled "space designer buzz" I'll leave it here:

Problem: Certain (default) settings on the space designer make a buzzing sound, either always, or (more often) if you start playing the effected audio file somewhere in the middle of said file, not from the beginning of it (highly annoying if you put the space designer on a long stretch of background ambience, for instance).

Solution: The space designer has a Quality setting, that determines how much of the original audio it samples for the reverb, called "IR Sample" – if you have buzz, cranking this setting to maximum, called "orig" (for the original sample rate of your file) should fix it (and indeed, lowering the quality will increase the buzz). This will of course be more taxing on your system, but the space designer is not very taxing to begin with.

I don't know what exact criteria you need to replicate this bug, could have something to do with the sample rate of your project and the audio file being mismatched, or a particular encoding of audio, but hope this serves as a workaround for most of us.


Davíð Alexander Corno replied to the topic 'Multicam clips duplicate on XML import' in the forum. 9 months ago

Hmm, now a year later when I've forgotten the exact steps to do this, the video seems to have gone offline. Any idea why, and where to find this info now?

Davíð Alexander Corno replied to the topic 'Multicam clips duplicate on XML import' in the forum. 1 year ago

Thank you so much Ronny! This was very informative, albeit not quite successful... What Sam Mestman demonstrates is how to move projects (timelines) between libraries without getting multicam/compound duplicates, but there is no XML-ing involved. Luckily our two libraries have all the media and cache externally, so even though it's a massive project (4000+ video files, more sound files) each library is only about 220mb – which we can easily ship over the internet back an forth, to then import projects (timelines) the Sam Mestman way. Not as easy and elegant as sending 100kb XML files, but a workaround I will make do with for now.

Davíð Alexander Corno created a new topic ' Multicam clips duplicate on XML import' in the forum. 1 year ago

Hello there,

Here is my situation: working on a feature length documentary with a fellow editor who is overseas. She and I have (fairly) identical hard drives, all our footage organised the same and started from an Identical library (massive amount of logging and keywording done).

Now we are exchanging XML project files (timelines), but when I import an XML, all the Multicam clips used within it seem to "regenerate" in the browser and are imported again into the event. I can not delete these duplicates without affecting the timelines I just imported.

This is problematic, not only because it clutters up the library with duplicates, but the new multicam clips are also lacking all the keywords. It ruins any efficient use of the find-frame function and is just hella messy overall.

I can't believe this is normal behaviour, so what am I doing wrong?

PS: one thing to note is that I like to have my timelines (projects) in their own event (containing no media). Could that be a problem?

Davíð Alexander Corno replied to the topic 'Selecting clip from timeline to browser' in the forum. 2 years ago

This happens in the main timeline when right-clicking and selecting "find in browser" – but only for the first clip you select after you have the timeline selected. If you then right-click the same clip again OR any other clip in the timeline, the right-click will work like it should. To "reset" back to the buggy behaviour, you have to select some other keyword/event/folder in the browser window, go back to the timeline, and voila, bug again.

Davíð Alexander Corno replied to the topic 'Selecting clip from timeline to browser' in the forum. 2 years ago

I'm glad I saw this thread, as shift-F does seem to work without problem. That does not change the fact that if you a right-click/ctrl-click and select "show in browser" it most often jumps to some seemingly random clip (but usually in the right event). Definitely a bug, would be great not to have it.

All thoughts welcome as the matter is urgent!

So, backstory: I have finished editing a feature film, shot on Alexa in ProRes. I'm on FCPX 10.3.4. Syncing of audio and video was done with the Synchronise clips function, and then I gave the resulting clip a systematic name (slate, scene, take etc.).

Now as I turn the film over to post, the post house wants a reference Quicktime file, with the following information burned in to the image:

– Reel time code (we are splitting the film into reels for less rippling changes and more wieldy files)
– Version name/number of the Reel
– Source Time Code of the clip
– Clip name (from camera)
– VFX shot name (for the 90 or so VFX shots)

All of this is easy to provide EXCEPT the clip name from camera. All of my (synchronised) clips have names I gave them (slate, scene, take etc.), and the Timecode filter (both the built in one, and the one from CoreMelt) has no way of digging into the synchronised clip for the from-camera clip name – which is what the post house wants.

I thought I had a work-around by just breaking apart my synchronised clips in a copy of the project (Clip>Break Apart Clip Items) before applying the Time Code filter – but then all of my color correction and, more importantly, all of my transform changes (scale, position) are removed from the clips! Seeing those is the very point of the reference file.

Any thought on how to get those from-camera clip names on screen?

Not that it's a huge hassle to change the "Log Processing" setting, but it's bizarre to me that there is no "apply camera LUT automatically" checkbox anywhere. These log-to-709 LUT's are not flattering for a lot of footage (especially the C300, which I shoot a lot), and I imagine a lot of people have mild panic attacks when they see the look of their footage, not knowing about this behind the scenes, unannounced Log processing of FCXP.

Davíð Alexander Corno replied to the topic 'FCPX 10.3.2 is available!' in the forum. 3 years ago

"- Improves responsiveness when editing very long projects"

I just bought all the components for a fresh Hackintosh ONLY because of the (frankly ridiculous) timeline drag-lag in a feature length timeline in FCPX. So while I'm really hoping this is improved, I also feel like it could have happened 3 days earlier to save me 2000$ (and the hassle of putting a computer together for the first time)...

Thank you for the warm welcome Greg.

My question wasn't clear enough. I was aware that I could rearrange the columns by simply dragging, and that I could add columns by right-clicking/ctrl-clicking – but only from a set list of 22 criteria. What I was wondering was weather I could add metadata fields to the set list somehow (like you can in the inspector info pane). Preferably the metadata fields I've created myself (in the info pane in the inspector).

I basically want more than this:

Having searched far and wide for a way to do this – Is there no option to add custom columns to the browser "List view" ? Preferably columns referencing custom metadata fields...

It just seems like too much hassle to enter metadata such as "slate number" "focal length" etc. if you can't view it at a glance in the list view, to compare it to other clips, find the one that sticks out etc.

Maybe this is a long standing feature request – if so, I co-sign it.