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Joshua Hilliard replied to the topic 'Search Functionality: Notes Field and Ranges' in the forum. 4 years ago


Thank you for such the thoughtful and detailed replies.

We have been mindful to let FCPX guide us towards best practices and not rely on old NLE thinking to power us forward and, as you 1st stated, we do try to make use of favorites and keyword collections as a general rule.

However, we wanted to have it all and with your workaround it seems like we do!

I was able to pull ranges based on the text search as you outlined. For our interviews, the name of the subject is a keyword in each range so all of the content will fall under at least these keyword umbrellas which allows for the search to have access to complete transcript. Love it.

For the vérité footage I'll just need to make sure all of the notes field has keyword in such a way to make use of the full transcript, as we have been making in house transcripts of that material and then ingesting into fcpX through lumberyard .

Thanks again!

Joshua Hilliard created a new topic ' Search Functionality: Notes Field and Ranges' in the forum. 4 years ago

Hello fcpX community!

We use lumberyard (a fantastic 3rd party app) to import transcripts into fcpX. This places the transcription metadata into the notes field within the specified TC ranges. Beautiful. However, the issue at hand involves X's search functionality.

The search result (at the Event and Library level) will yield the clip of the word/ phrase searched for, however it will not queue up the specific range it is located in. So if we have an interview that consists of 3 muliticams, it will correctly select the appropriate clip that the word is located, but will not highlight or single out the range it exists in.

We have tried searching in both list and filmstrip views, and though orange ranges will often appear, they do not contain the search request. We can toggle down the triangle and eventually find the correct range amidst all the others in the clip but that clearly defeats the purpose. The confounding thing is we have used this capability in the past with success yet cannot fathom what variable we have changed to not have the individual ranges be selected.

EditShare is our shared storage system.