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Norb replied to the topic 'Whole universe made with Motion :)' in the forum. 2 years ago

Thank you all for the feedback - I had a feeling it might ruffle some feathers however I'm very happy and proud of this execution (and not here to debate the content as we'd go in circles). I did a follow up and went even more abstract, this time mixing M5 with DAZ.


Norb created a new topic ' Whole universe made with Motion :)' in the forum. 2 years ago

Hi gang,

It's been a while since I've done anything noteworthy in Motion until recently - I took on the challenge of modeling a theorized 'cosmic orb' universe re our planets/planes etc. - turned out rather cool!! The video is getting a lot of buzz/re-uploads due to the content but I'm posting here just to show the capabilities of motion and I miss you guys :). Some post effects are done in final cut (smoke/random lil' things) but all the 3D is Motion.


Short Version:

Full Version:

Norb thanks user 'KBayquoi' in the forum message ' WUTLUT - FCP grading tool with photoshop like controls'. 3 years ago
Norb replied to the topic 'WUTLUT - FCP grading tool with photoshop like controls' in the forum. 3 years ago

Hey cheers thanks for that I appreciate it.

Yeah for a while there I was really pushing M5 as much as my machine would let me - however you're right, it is limiting and other tools (re 3D) are easier and more appropriate to work with for the stuff I was doing. It was a cool challenge to see how far it goes though and I'm still building stuff with it (just did some cool 3D visualizers for music with it and am impressed at the capabilities - check www.basspoetry.com to see what I mean).

Re the WUTLUT tool, I know it's not revolutionary but it's my go to tool now for pretty much all my footage grading I don't use luts at all anymore.


Ken thanks user 'Norbz' in the forum message ' WUTLUT - FCP grading tool with photoshop like controls'. 3 years ago
Norb replied to the topic 'WUTLUT - FCP grading tool with photoshop like controls' in the forum. 3 years ago

Cheers, I'm good and was just being snarky..

FTR I do wish I added the scopes, and still might when I find some time.

Also were you always a moderator or is that new? If so congrats :), I have to visit here more often.

**For those that missed the last post on the previous page - I'm giving this away free for a few days.

Norb replied to the topic 'WUTLUT - FCP grading tool with photoshop like controls' in the forum. 3 years ago

Daaaaamn homey~!

How many times can you fuk up my name and insult my tool in one thread?

LOL. I don't know what to say so I'll say less vs more. The tool does what it's supposed to do, is far from expensive as you said (have you SEEN LUT websites and prices?!), and is useful/valuable to me and others who use it. I don't really know why you just went all out of this stopping sales and all - I thought we were cools.

Norb created a new topic ' Motion Audio Visualizers > to FCP - Want some?' in the forum. 3 years ago

Hi guys,

Hope everyone is doing well :). I recently started a few projects and have been using Motion to create a lot of my 3D stings, intro/outros, etc. - recently discovered the audio frequency and commands for creating some rather awesome visualizers!

So it's a 3D element(s) that interacts with different frequencies (i.e. bass makes it rumble/earthquake, highhats/snares makes it turn, really low bass makes it light up, etc).

Wondering if there might be a need for something like this on a commercial level so I'm putting a few examples here, if there is interest I might make a few free and a few paid versions as templates you guys can mess with.

The reason I even did this was because there is no way in FinalCut to do proper visualizations to audio (you can't pass certain controls from Motion otherwise there would be tons of these out by now imo) like this, so I have to render a 4444 with alpha of just the visualizer and then overlay that over my footage.

Anyway, examples:





Pretty much all the vids on that channel have this if you want to see more.. All of it is editable from actions performed on a frequency to the fonts/shapes being used (there is one above which I modeled a box/packaging that looks like a Tylenol box)..

So what do you guys think? Is there a need for it in your opinion? Does it compare to the typical aftereffects similar stuff?


Just doing a follow up to this.

Finally uploaded our season finale - it ended up being 10 episodes, and I learned a TON about what it takes to create something cool with a big group of people.

If anyone has any questions on the process, filming, editing, foley, audio, dialog, story/scriptwriting, casting, framing etc. please don't be shy.

We got better and better each episode and there were also moments where I grew to hate the project and felt like I was doing a highschool flim not a real production... Some nights after a shoot though we'd all be lit loving what just happened and knowing this should have cost us $xx,xxx for some shoots yet it was all done on no budget, just passion.

Here's a quick little top 10 list of fun facts for our show:

10: None of us are actors. They say 90% of a shows success is its cast. Our cast did great as all of us are immersed into the arts but not as actors (models, rappers/singers, strong personalities, etc).

9: No budget/grant – everyone funded it – the videos aren’t monetized – no credits – we all spent years acquiring or developing our crafts though.

8: We had no storyline – ep to ep – improv 246. Worked for us and against us but imagine writing a book and filming it at the same time as writing it. That's kinda how we approached it.

7: Storyline changes due to schedules. When a concpets was fleshed out for a scene, if someone didn't make the shoot we'd have to alter the story/scene - this happened a lot.

6: Public callout cast was uncast – IMDB is mehhhhh – I couldn’t have cast our cast traditionally, it was all in-house and we started to attract people after ep.2 or 3. vs having to cast again and again.

5: Yes all the guns are fake. Buying and handling them is similar to real guns. Must be locked in a case when travelling, must have a big red dot on the gun if shooting outside (so cops see it and know you're filming something) - I spent over $1000 on three replicas, by the time the show ended many of the cast bought their own guns - the last episode had at least $2500-$3000 worth of replicas in it.

4: It’s not based on a true story – HOWEVER - Many of us incorporate our real lives to bring it to life (ranko and sage are artists in real life, eman does masonry/stonework, I really do media/own a studio, Pegah really does kill people, no just kidding, but yes we all pulled certain things from our own lives for our characters.

3: No characters: I asked everyone what they wanted to be in the show, so they can focus on whatever they want to expand on - including coming up with their names for the show. Pushing the envelope – Natalia and pegah pushed boundaries by design. This worked out really well actually. Both wanted to get away from the pretty girl model bad bitch role and get into crazy, assassin, gangsta girls so they can step out of beauty pageant mode and into actual acting roles.

2: We’re turning this into a movie – you might just see it in the film festivals in the future

1: All our own music, scoring, effects, songs, backgrounds, theme song, foley etc.

Feel free to have a peak, critique, enjoy - we do our biggest robbery in this one and 6 or so people die, and there is a happy ending for the season.


Thanks for checking this out :).

Norb replied to the topic '3D Bullets Of Life Set - Matrix Like Effects Made Easy' in the forum. 4 years ago

Hi everyone, sorry haven't been logging here lately I'm still working heavily on our web series... Thank you kindly for the comments, the plugin giveaway ended a while ago but you can grab a copy for a low fee at www.brandingtemplates.com

Also - please do not post your email addresses in these threads, you're going to get spammed by bots and scrapers. As a general practice you should never post your email addy's on forums (or anywhere public).

Make it a great day!

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