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AppleGuru replied to the topic 'Rigging corporate color palette -possible?' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

FCPX.guru wrote: Everyone is a visual person. What does that mean?


Here a definition, which Verbal person would understand!

Visual (spatial):You prefer using pictures, images, and spatial understanding. Aural (auditory-musical): You prefer using sound and music. Verbal (linguistic): You prefer using words, both in speech and writing. Physical (kinesthetic): You prefer using your body, hands and sense of touch.



AppleGuru replied to the topic 'Auto Reframe for FCP X' in the forum. 4 weeks ago

Why is this thread called Auto Reframe for FCP X when there is no info regarding to it?


AppleGuru replied to the topic 'Logic Pro X 10.5 Released!' in the forum. 3 months ago

We knew since Apple leaked this update on there site.


AppleGuru replied to the topic 'The future for fcp.co and FCPX' in the forum. 3 months ago

I have also seen these Tutorials. but again not on the level as with the competition.

Again no body was able to find anything in the form I have posted.


AppleGuru replied to the topic 'The future for fcp.co and FCPX' in the forum. 3 months ago

Scrubelicious wrote: I actually understand what AppleGuru is saying, this is something I have heard from students and users that I have interacted with.

Regarding to the comments to Ripple Training and MotionVFX.
Yes Ripple Training offers really good quality of training how learn the Software, also they have some small Tutorials which are very helpful. Which is good starting point for new users. But going into the heavy Motion Graphics or Visual Effects terrain there is a major lacking of Tutorials or Influencers on the net.
This could be; nobody has taking the challenge or the Apps are not as present then for example After Effects. :dry:

For MotionVFX, they produce some really cool "heavy Motion Graphics" templates, I can imagine they are more interested selling the templates than offering the training how to make the animation in Apple Motion.
Now if they offer this knowledge to the public... would Apple Motion have much higher status. Definitely yes!

Thank you, someone gets the idea!

FCPX.guru wrote: MotionVFX is actually teaching how to make high-quality templates.
And at the upcoming Post-Production World Online conference, Apple has fully sponsored the track that showcases the pro apps so all of those sessions are free.
And I suspect we'll get an FCPX 10.5 announcement at that conference, just a guess.

Where are they teaching how to create effects or animation? I haven't found one tutorial on there site! And on their YouTube there are only tutorials how to use their plugins.
AGAIN, you don't understand the idea behind an influencer which is promote his work with the tools.

Find me at least five tutorials in the same quality as you can find on VideoCopilot site.

For example:;
Speed Particles
The Healer
Eye Replacement
Moving 3D Lines
Time Freeze


AppleGuru replied to the topic 'The future for fcp.co and FCPX' in the forum. 3 months ago

FCPX.guru wrote: The Final Cut ecosystem, many claim, is actually larger than Premiere Pro's. Ripple Trianing, macProVideo and many others.

How do you know most FCPX tutorials are done in Premiere Pro? Most are actually done in Telestream's ScreenFlow app. You have bad information here.

You site VideoCoPilot which focuses on 3D work. We have mO2 for Motion from MotionVFX that I'd put up against anything AE can do with 3D and a third-party plugin.

Apple does not do any marketing for their pro apps, and we all complain about that. But Final Cut Pro X has sold at least as many licenses, some argue more, than Premiere Pro.

We have every resource Adobe products have, just not from the same third-party companies. FCP.co is not the only Apple pro app discussion board. And what would an "ambassador" do exactly? Who is Adobe's ambassador?

Honestly, there's a lot of misguided information in your post, I'm sorry to say.

You misunderstood what I was suggesting and describing, could be cause you are not as much aware or deep in the subject matter. For example VideoCopilot actually focuses mainly on After Effects which also being used as ambassador function. This helps future developments for Adobe in After Effects for example.
MotionVFX is more stock provider for templates. Yes you are right about RippleTraining which is a good resource to learn the application. But there is still not even close the amount of resources for how to use the tools in specific cases.

joema wrote:

AppleGuru wrote: ....I have a feeling fcp.co is trying hard to replace Apples marketing....why doesn’t fcp.co offer a influencer or ambassador for the Apple tools like Adobe has?.

These two statements seem to be in conflict. Can you help us understand what you mean?

Not really what I mean in marketing are the case studies and sometime reports. It seems fcp.co is trying to show the world, yes FCPX is being used. But there is no real ambassador or in new internet language an influencer. Someone that drives the training, how to or tutorials (what ever you want to call it) with the Apple Tools. As are Andrew Cramer or Nick Campbell are doing. Where is the Andrew Cramer for Apple Motion???


AppleGuru created a new topic ' The future for fcp.co and FCPX' in the forum. 3 months ago

I really enjoy the case studies and reports on FCPX that are being posted.
But I have a feeling fcp.co is trying hard to replace Apples marketing. But some are somewhat repetitive and workflow well everybody has there own.

Getting bathe same question and when looking on the net for high quality resources, I finally realize what is missing.

FCPX or Motion needs more accessible resources like you find with Adobe products.
For example why is After Effects so popular well you find quality tutorials and resources.
Where is the VideoCopilot for Motion, awesome tutorials that sale there plugins and stock.
Imagine motionVFX did the same! What a boost that would be for the Apple Motion community.

The same with FCPX most tutorials use Premiere! Remembering the days before FCPX you would only see FCP legacy in the tutorials.

Speaking for the general crowd why doesn’t fcp.co offer a influencer or ambassador for the Apple tools like Adobe has?

I think this way everybody would have a big benefit.


AppleGuru replied to the topic 'Slow motion problem' in the forum. 3 months ago

I don’t understand what you mean with mistake?

Regarding the slow motion not being effective at the beginning and at the end of the clip: make sure your video isn’t already set with a speed ramp from the camera.
Also was this when you add a speed ramp to the clip or do it play like that in the browser?
Next time just record your footage in a higher frame rate.

For the audio just break it away from the video then you can manipulate both.


AppleGuru replied to the topic 'KeyFlow Pro 2 : problem with RED preview files' in the forum. 4 months ago

Wow didn’t know that Keyflow Pro was still around? It hasn’t received any support since a year now. I have a feeling it is dead and, or will be transformed in subscription model that nobody wants!


AppleGuru replied to the topic 'Naming Convention for Files and Folders delivery' in the forum. 6 months ago

Alica675 wrote:

That's easy enough to find out. We focus on the scene and shot as traditionally done, to help the editor, not the client. If you deliver the clips to the client, you're not responsible for anything more than that. "Great Video" is a subjective term and tells me nothing other than you have an opinion about what you shot for me. I'd name my folders by camera name, date shot, location shot. But I have not delivered raw footage to a client in many, many years. mybkexperience

You basically just rewrote what FCPX.guru wrote.
I didn’t mean how I the editor would receive the footage we have log sheets for that. It’s more about the delivery to the client.

AppleGuru replied to the topic 'Naming Convention for Files and Folders delivery' in the forum. 6 months ago

Wow we have two responses from 19753 users here!

@FCPX.guru was an example of the file name no meaning behind it. Sorry if my explanation wasn't as easy for you.
@Scrubelicious I really like your example. Here we really don't have any Client Alias just Project Work order numbers.

Maybe we will get some more feedback from other users.

AppleGuru thanks user 'Doug' in the forum message ' Viewing Original Media in Finder'. 6 months ago

I think the problem here is not that FCPX is missing feature which shouldn't be used!
More workflow and culture issue.

Coming form the Documentary world... you want to make sure you have enough hard drive space and which very common to grow during the process of the production.

AppleGuru created a new topic ' Naming Convention for Files and Folders delivery' in the forum. 6 months ago

Hey guys,

I am actually debating to upgrade our naming convention to gibe clients a better understanding.

Inside FCPX we use
Project Name 1 - Type - 16x9 - Edit 1 which then reflects on the export:
Great Video 1 - Teaser - 16x9 - Edit 4 - ProRes.mov
Great Video 1 - Spot - 16x9 - Edit 2 - h264.mov
How do you deliver to the customer, adding codec and resolution for example?

Thanks for the info...

sadly I just got back with the support from motionvfx... it seems mO2 is more a own Application it can't "at the moment" interact with Apple Motion elements.

But not all is lost, good thing there is still After Effects.

AppleGuru created a new topic ' mO2 in Apple Motion not as usable as version 1 (Or is it)' in the forum. 10 months ago

This might has been asked and even answered, if so please point me in the right direction.

So after using mObject from motionvVFX for a pretty good while, I decided to update to their mO2 hoping to make live easier.
Boy was I wrong! Now the issues I have with it is: In the previous version I was able to add a 3D object into the Scene as Generator that would work together with all other Apple Motion objects plus cameras and lights.

Now with mO2 it is like its own application, not able to use Apple Motion Elements or objects (camera and such) together with the 3D objects.
Is this the way they designed it or is there a option I have overlooked to actually us the 3D Objects inside the Apple Motion Scene?

At the moment I might have to go back to After Effects.