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Rich Camp replied to the topic 'Library Incredibly Slow to Load' in the forum. 11 months ago

Thanks! I am using all Blackmagic Pocket 4k Prores media, no AVCHD or MTS.

I deleted all generated media, which helped a bit. Then I took your suggestion to move cache storage outside the Library and that was a HUGE help. It was an immediate speed up after that was done, which is great. Its running a bit smoother, I am going to try a few of the other suggestions and look further into it. I do have a LOT of project snapshots, as I cut each scene on its own and did a snapshot for each version (RC1, RC2, FC, etc). Any suggestions on maintaining those in the future?

Is there any benefit to having multiple Libraries for different types of content? Like a media library, a project library, so I can have the least amount of contents open at once? I also know that sometimes the Libraries can get messy with a lot of aliases linking to external footage or internal media, etc. I use to do Copy to Library but that got really confusing so I've moved to Leave in Place so I can sort it as I want.

Rich Camp replied to the topic 'Library Incredibly Slow to Load' in the forum. 11 months ago

Thank you! I am going to test these things out tonight.

I do not use Chrome, I have tested with everything closed besides FCPX. I used proxies for the edit then cleared them when I finished the edit. What's confusing me is this Library is just incredibly slow without any media attached, without attempting to play media, its just opening and loading a projects etc. I know that a MBP 13" (2017 16gb ram dual i7) isn't optimal but it's also not like I'm trying to do anything beyond opening the Library which has me questioning if there could be a corruption or cache issue.

I'll update after I test out these things tonight! Thank again!

Rich Camp created a new topic ' Library Incredibly Slow to Load' in the forum. 11 months ago

I have been cutting a 12 minute short film, there's a decent amount of clips - two cameras, 8 tracks audio, some sfx and music but honestly nothing crazy. The library is 22gb - I deleted the proxy footage and the original media is located on an external drive. Opening the library even without any media connected is so painfully slow - it takes a few minutes before it even can load. FCPX is unresponsive and in a crashing state the whole time. Then once it's open, every click is painfully slow. Loading a project takes a few minutes, etc.

I've attempted resetting preferences, clearing created media, but nothing seems to help. Any insights on why this library is so slow and how I can get it to run a bit smoother?

I work in post professionally but at work I use Avid, I've been using FCPX for side projects for years and know I've seen this before FCPX where the finishing of a project slows a library substantially but it's honestly pretty unusable. I know at work Avid runs smoothest without media attached so I'd expect FCPX without media would be quicker. I am working off a 13" MBP but since there's no media I'm not actually doing anything and just opening a library, I'd still expect it to open and be manageable at least.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

Rich Camp replied to the topic '... Mac Mini 2018 for 10gBe server' in the forum. 1 year ago

Hello! Sorry I feel like I started a large chat here and just dropped out of the discussion!

There are a few reasons I found this idea interesting and was considering it.

I travel a lot so a NAS allows me to access my files at home base anytime I am on the road. Even if its just checking a file exists, grabbing an updated project file, etc, it acts like my own personal cloud with all my files. While I'm on the road, I typically have a 1tb SSD that I have my latest projects media for editing not he road. I backup all raw immediately to my NAS after a shoot to have it in a same place and for final archive.

I bought a DS418play in hopes to have this type of archival and remote access but was hoping to do some editing off of it while directly connected via ethernet at home. However, I've found connectivity and speed to vary greatly . Sometimes it will let me do some work, sometimes I cannot do anything or even a copy is slow.

I've been looking into a 10gbe NAS but they are expensive and I fear similar speed and connectivity issues. Which is why I was considering getting a 4 bay Thunderbolt 3 RAID that would allow for super fast copy and connecting that to a Mac mini anytime I am not using it so it is remotely accessible, sort of turning the RAID and any other drives I want into a NAS. I would imagine the easiest way to do this would be resilio, but any other ideas on how to remotely access it? Would there be a better way to do that? Etc. It is sort of putting the money a high end NAS would cost into a decent RAID and a entry level Mac mini to get the remote access to the files while also the benefits of being able to direct attach and a second computer for copies or transcoding if needed. Would love some insights!

Rich Camp replied to the topic '... Mac Mini 2018 for 10gBe server' in the forum. 2 years ago

I'm interested in this setup. I've been using a synology was (DS418play) for archiving and light editing but its not really as consistently fast as I had hoped. I have been looking at a higher end Synology with 10gbe for editing and faster transfers. In this search, I had started to think about a Mac mini with a Raided drive hooked up to it. Any idea how that would compare with a NAS?

Would I be able to connect to direct attached drives via the Mac mini for local video editing?

I use to love Back to Mac, but I know they got rid of that. Via file sharing, can I still access my files remotely? A few things I would ultimately love to do would include: remotely accessing files via phone, laptop, and web on the go, just access / remote download? remote backup so I have a copy of all data amongst two locations in case of a disaster?

Essentially, I would like it to be a NAS but utilizing a Mac mini for interfacing which would allow me to run small exports, transcodes, etc instead of just having a NAS. I was thinking of using Resilio for remote access and remote backup.

I'd love to discuss if anyone has any ideas or insights into this setup! Thanks!

Rich Camp replied to the topic 'NAS (Synology preferably) and FCPX' in the forum. 2 years ago

Good luck! I have been looking at setting up a Synology NAS for editing myself, so please follow up with your experience and feedback! Thanks!

Rich Camp replied to the topic 'Relinking to (FCP1) files!' in the forum. 2 years ago

Thanks! I appreciate your notes!

Rich Camp thanks user 'VTCmedia' in the forum message ' Relinking to (FCP1) files!'. 2 years ago
Rich Camp created a new topic ' Relinking to (FCP1) files!' in the forum. 2 years ago

I had a project that was lost, but I had an xml of it. When I import that xml into a new library, it doesn't relink to the media because it is looking for the file names with (fcp1). I don't want to relink 150 files finding each one separately, is there anyway to teach let FCPX not to look for the (fcp1)? I know that it adds the fcp1 when it's making aliases or has duplicated media within the project, but it gets annoying to relink because of that. Thanks!

Rich Camp created a new topic ' Back to Mac, NAS replacement?' in the forum. 2 years ago

I was looking into getting a NAS to archive and store media / projects for local and remote access. I was hoping to be able to grab files I need on the go but also use it as an in house drive to store files.

I was thinking how Back to Mac would work comparatively? I haven’t used it in 7 or so years as I only have one Mac now. But was contemplating getting a large drive, hooking it up to an entry level Mac Mini and remote and locally accessing via back to Mac. Any experience or thoughts on this as a replacement for a NAS? Thanks!

Rich Camp thanks user 'FCPX.guru' in the forum message ' MBP13" eGPU - Help Choosing'. 2 years ago
Rich Camp created a new topic ' MBP13" eGPU - Help Choosing' in the forum. 2 years ago

I've been looking into getting an eGPU for my MBP13" 2017 (maxed out). The new BM eGPU makes that decision harder!

I was looking at a Sonnet 350w with either a Radeon RX580 or a WX5100. Both these options would come out to around $550 / $650 respectively (maybe less if I can get the Sonnet on eBay). Which of those cards would you recommend for FCPX use? Is there a big difference between the two? How would imagine they compare with the new BM (based on specs since it's not out yet)?


Rich Camp created a new topic ' FCPX Project Organization Exchange!' in the forum. 3 years ago

Hello! I have been using FCPX for freelance and personal projects since 2013. However I work in reality tv for a day job and use Avid. I do a lot of organization at work and sometimes get the Avid organization structures stuck in my head. I want to step up my personal project organization and as an AE organization means a lot to me! Ha

I just wanted to see if others would be willing to share how they organize their FCPX projects. I'm working on some bigger projects coming up and wanted to just get some ideas. Currently by the time I finish an edit the project is embarrassingly messy.

I tend to use events for everything and use numbers I order the events as I want. How do you use keywords vs events? Do you have multiple libraries or keep stock and music in a separate library.

What do you do with audio to sync vs footage? What about broll or found media? Clips for fx? Stock music libraries and sfx? Where do you put compound clips? How do you handle clips you export for motion? Anything would be truly appreciated! Thank you!

Rich Camp thanks user 'thinkfilm' in the forum message ' Mask from Keyed Video'. 3 years ago
Rich Camp replied to the topic 'Mask from Keyed Video' in the forum. 3 years ago

Thank you so much! This is amazing and exactly what I need!

Rich Camp created a new topic ' Mask from Keyed Video' in the forum. 3 years ago

I am doing a video with a ghost character that disappears. I want to take the greenscreened footage of the guy and turn it into a mask that I can put on some smoke for a disappearance. Any suggestions on how to make the keyed footage into a mask? Thanks!

Rich Camp replied to the topic 'Shaky cam plugin suggestions?' in the forum. 3 years ago

Thank you Karsten! I will check it out!

Rich Camp created a new topic ' Shaky cam plugin suggestions?' in the forum. 3 years ago

Hello! I've been trying to use FCPEffects ShakyCam plugin for a project. But I am not getting the look I'm going for with it. It doesn't seem very natural. Does anyone have any suggestions on a better shakycam plugin? I know that there's a few out there but wanted to see if anyone had any experience before I go spend $30 on a few. THANK YOU!

I created a library, imported all the media had it copied to the library file. Now I wish I hadn't copied it to the library, and left it outside of the project. I want to use the project file with proxies to edit straight off my system drive while on the go. Then hook up the external with the original media to online the project.

My question, what's the easiest way to move the original media to outside the library file? I know i can show file contents and move the original media in finder, but I don't want to have to go crazy with relinking and everything. Is there anyway to do this in FCPX menus? A way to create a new library, bring over just the proxies? Etc? Thanks!

Just wanted some insights! Thanks!