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25 Jan 2021
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Logic Pro's UI still ugly! 17 Jul 2013 18:03 #28726

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Well this might start a flame war, this is just my not so humble opinion.
If ever there was a need to drop the skeumorhism, it is in LogicPro. Replicating various amps, stomp boxes, effects boxes in a computer based DAW is very ugly. Every time you want to change settings, playing with the visual representation of the real device is a bad design idea. It also makes mixing so much more difficult. Even on stage, in a real concert, getting to know how the equipment works and remembering it the next time someone brings a 1960's amp to a gig, was a challenge.
I do sound engineering, both live reinforcement and recording.
So I bought LP when it was still a $1,000.00 program and have used it over the years. About the same time, I bought a small recording board that came with Ableton Live (vs 2or3) I upgraded from the Lite version to the full version because Live's UI is so much better than LP's. It was also far less of a ram and cpu hog. Then Live was 1/4 the costs of LP and the stage version works well. Now Live costs $750.00 for the suite. :(
With Apple dropping the price of LP to $199 (hooray) I was thinking about picking up a copy, but I was really hoping to see some big needed UI changes, not just colors. No upgrade path, but the new version is cheaper than previous upgrades. Yes, yes, I know it does have some new features!
Give me a unified computer based UI for all the devices, effects. Far easier to learn.
Show the routing chains for each track, subs, masters. Don't take up the entire screen with a graphic of real devices complete with dials, fake buttons, speaker grills, carrying handles, stomp box switches, 1/4" jacks, arcane nomenclature, … Lot's of new folks have never even seen a lot of the original equipment.
Let me adjust every device in the sound chain without losing my main window. Way too many clicks and clutter in the current UI.
I thought Apple fired the old guard? Where's Jonny when you need him?
Okay folks, just my wooden nickels worth of opinion, so be kind.
If you haven't tried Ableton Live, you can download a trial version that will not save or export from here…https://www.ableton.com/en/trial/
Just wish it was $199 as well.

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Logic Pro's UI still ugly! 17 Jul 2013 18:15 #28730

to each their own. I rather like it. And I LOVE the iPad interface that goes along with it. Really powerful. My favorite part is mixing my film from across the room :)

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Logic Pro's UI still ugly! 17 Jul 2013 20:54 #28750

  • BenB
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As a musician/composer, I find it easier to distinguish visually what I'm working with. Cause we know what the real things look like. I find the whole interface super nice, and super easy to work with. Over the past two days I've flow through compositions faster and easier than I ever have with any DAW. I've used lots of DAWs, and I've yet to work with anything as easy and quick. If you don't like it, well, there are other DAWs out there to choose from. Best of luck!

But you should work with it first hand for a couple days first. It is the best GUI of any DAW out there. And I've been using DAWs since they first ran on my then brand new Mac Plus. I personally love this one. Light years ahead of the pack.

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Logic Pro's UI still ugly! 17 Jul 2013 21:27 #28755

  • Julian
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Did you notice how the track colors are the same as the iOS 7 colors?

I do video production in a recording studio that uses ProTools, it's the same skeumorhism in that interface as well. I agree with Ben on this, having a very specific look for each effect creates an associative context that makes you think about how that effect handles audio, if every plugin had the same interface, I think it would be more confusing and difficult to manage.

Universal Audio has a Reel to Reel plugin that goes so far that it has a shallow depth of field so that the top of it is out of focus...

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