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25 Jan 2021
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Old setup for digitizing MiniDV and original Metadata 03 Jun 2023 14:00 #125764


I'm currently digitizing miniDV with an old setup (MacBook Pro 2012, FCP7, Sony DV/HDV Firewire) Everything go well but...
I'm wondering if it's possible that FCP strip some metadata from the DV tapes? I know there is a way to view the original recording Date and Time from the tape but I can't figure out how to find this info within the .mov file.
I can't see in FCP in the metadata tabs,
Exiftools only show my the date I captured the file,
I can't access .mov on DVTape app on my PC (Only AVI)
Every Metadata timestamp panel on Premiere Pro (PC, win 10) are blank...

So Am I doing something wrong when capturing, or it's just not possible to capture this info with FCP?
It seems to be possible on PC with and AVI files, but I don't have a PCI firewire card currently to capture...

Thank you

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