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TOPIC: FCPX Project Organization Exchange!

FCPX Project Organization Exchange! 21 Apr 2017 23:23 #87431

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Hello! I have been using FCPX for freelance and personal projects since 2013. However I work in reality tv for a day job and use Avid. I do a lot of organization at work and sometimes get the Avid organization structures stuck in my head. I want to step up my personal project organization and as an AE organization means a lot to me! Ha

I just wanted to see if others would be willing to share how they organize their FCPX projects. I'm working on some bigger projects coming up and wanted to just get some ideas. Currently by the time I finish an edit the project is embarrassingly messy.

I tend to use events for everything and use numbers I order the events as I want. How do you use keywords vs events? Do you have multiple libraries or keep stock and music in a separate library.

What do you do with audio to sync vs footage? What about broll or found media? Clips for fx? Stock music libraries and sfx? Where do you put compound clips? How do you handle clips you export for motion? Anything would be truly appreciated! Thank you!

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FCPX Project Organization Exchange! 22 Apr 2017 11:51 #87443

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I spent almost 3 weeks in Colorado last winter working a reality TV show. We shot snowmobile tours all day ever day. That's a lot of cards. Not to mention the family who owns the business, employees, etc.

We used Canon C300s, GoPros (more than you can count), Zaxcom audio recorders, stuff we all picked up using our own iPhones, Phanton drones, Ronin, etc.

Ingest was using a 4-bay Lexar Workflow HR2. We had up to 14 cards copying at once to a pair of RAIDs with a 2013 Mac Pro. One RAID for work, one for 4x a day backups.

I made one Library for the season. I made an Event for each day. I used folders to copy each card to that came in. Since we recycled cards, I'd attach a roman numeral to the end of the card name. Day 1 folder contained Card X X folders. We kept it all external, as we were going to have several editors working on it at once.

Import happened at night, since we were too busy copying and erasing cards all day long. Used the folders to create keywords. Once that was done, we used keywords to tag specific tour groups, specific show stars/talent, events, locations, etc, as needed.

We also found making Folders was necessary to group the amazing number of keyword collections into logical, easy to find groups. Some keyword collections we duplicated into two or more folders. Yes, you can use the same keyword in more than one instance.

Eventually once we got back to Louisiana to edit, about half way through, it all fell to one single editor. He then did a consolidate so that everything was inside the Library.

It just got sold and now I've been asked to come in and format the audio for international distribution. Not looking forward to that, but it's paying work.

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