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25 Jan 2021
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DTD Validation Failed 07 Dec 2015 16:21 #71225


I exported an XML and when importing it I got this message:

DTD validation failed. (IDREF attribute projectRef references an unknown ID "p1".

Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this? I'm only getting this message with certain projects in my library, not all.

Thank you,

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DTD Validation Failed 08 Dec 2015 11:55 #71244

First have a look whether the XML version is compatible with your FCPX version.

In case it is open the XML in a text editor and search for "p1" including the quotes.
Then try to figure out what belongs to it - this 7these are the trouble makers.

- Andreas

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DTD Validation Failed 11 Dec 2015 12:29 #71344

Thank you very much, Andreas.

I'm not having any compatibility issues, I'm running the latest version of FCPX.

I erased all the references to this p1 element from the XML text and then it worked perfectly. I also got an error with a p2 element and I fixed it the same way.

I also identified the trouble making files. These are compound clips generated in FCPX. The thing is that I received those from another editor who worked on them from the original media, and I don't know exactly how she did it or how she managed the media.

But I keep getting the error and have to do the process of fixing the XML every time. Do you know what that p1 and p2 are? What makes them and why are they "unknown" to FCPX?

Thanks again!

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DTD Validation Failed 14 Dec 2015 12:40 #71433

So yeah.. have had that error myself just now and fixed it.

There are clips on your timeline that are not represented in your browser/event.

- export xml
- open the xml in textedit
- search for "p1"
- you will find something like this:

- in fcpx, in the timeline index, search for the name in the "name="XXXX"" where XXXX is what it says in your xml
- on the highlighted clip(s) in your timeline, press shift+f (reveal in browser)
- a "new" clip should appear in the event, since this error seems to occur when there is a clip on the timeline that is not represented in the browser.

This worked for me, so I can now get my xml to open without DTD validation errors.

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DTD Validation Failed 14 Dec 2015 12:40 #71435

And it should maybe be said, that you don't really need to fix the XML. You should maybe be fixing the FCPX project instead ;)

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DTD Validation Failed 22 Dec 2015 16:24 #71681

Thank you, Chris.

You were correct, I did exactly that in FCPX and then I had no problems with the XML. It's still a pain to do that, I wonder what's making the error in the first place. But thank you very much for the tip, much better than going into the XML every time.

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DTD Validation Failed 17 Oct 2016 15:45 #80857

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I dont want to revive this old thread, but maybe this helps someone.

So I had this problem too but when looking at the problem shots in XML, I already had them in Library, but in different Event and adding didnt help and match frame took me to different Event inside this Library.

Way faster solution for me, was to copy the Project to a new Library and exporting XML from the new Library.

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DTD Validation Failed 02 Dec 2016 21:25 #83586

I know this is very late but i just had this problem today. The solutions in the post didnt work. My solution works if the other person has the footage which should be so if your sending an xml. To create a new library copy the project over but what i did was instead having the media inside the Library what i did was consolidate the footage to another part of the hard drive so the Library would just reference it.

This helps lower the size of the library file if you need it to be smaller.

Go to finder right clicked on the library & click show packages look for analyzed thats usually the stabilize footage or the optical flow footage i deleted those. If need to make even more smaller you can delete the render render files.

After that just Zip the Library then send it all they have to do is relink and rerender the footage and done.

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