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xeffects messages fcpx

A new plugin from Idustrial Revolution called XEffects Messages enables Final Cut Pro X users to build SMS, iMessage, Facebook and WhatsApp chats on the timeline. Auto-animating elements, lots of size and colour options and overlays available for the iPhone conversation look as well.

LUTx CoreMelt fcpx

In the run-up to NAB, expect to see many new Final Cut Pro X plugins. One of these is the just released LUTx from CoreMelt, a $29 utility for the loading of LUTs into FCPX.

saturdays warrior fcpx banner

Producing a successful feature film doesn't require a large Hollywood studio behind you, as this story about the making of 'Saturday's Warrior' will show. But as the tools of production are now so inexpensive and accessible, you can get all the quality and methods from a large budget film on something with a lot smaller expenditure.

WTC FCPX banner

The Jellyfish and Final Cut Pro X go on the road for a real broadcast job. Cutting edge portable shared storage on a budget, but with all of the performance you need. How did it cope with the strain of continuous records and multiple edit clients? Peter Wiggins takes the new cnidarian for a mission critical swim.