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NAB hardware rounduop 2016

We take a look a the notable hardware releases and announcements that will be of interest to us post production folk. Thunderbolt 3 seems to be the connection of choice for the future.

automatic duck xsend motion

Where did 'Send to Motion' go when Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 were released? That's not a problem now as Automatic Duck has announced an upcoming application that will move clips from an FCPX timeline into Motion.

shutterstock free fcpx tutorials

Have these just raised the bar for free Final Cut Pro X tutorials? Not only do you get a tutorial video, you get the project XML and all the footage & music too!

Lumberjack magic keywords fcpx

We finally got to know what Philip Hodgett's new secret feature was for Lumberjack. Magic Keywords parses transcripts to automatically generate keywords and keyword ranges for Final Cut Pro X.