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nab FCPX video 3

Time for the last set of videos from the recent FCP Exchange event that was held during NAB 2016. Making the switch to FCPX, a new Mac based slomotion application and a great large scale use story.

01 FCPXTOUR banner

On the eve of the first FCP Tour in Madrid (6th May 2016) Jesús Pérez-Miranda takes us on his journey from Avid, through FCP 6&7 and on to Final Cut Pro X. 

FCPX Library Sync banner

Mike Matzdorff promised he would write up his 'Most awesome tip in the world' for FCPX and he's kept his word and done exactly that. He's cracked how to access an updating Library by another user.

nab FCPX video 2

The presentation videos from FCP Exchange at NAB 2016 have gone down very well, so time to post the next four! Media management, Final Cut Pro X power tips, colour grading and a great case study.