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Another entrant into the Final Cut Pro X plugin ecosystem this week is Leno Treinamentos from Brazil with his range of free and commercial FCPX plugins.

rampant fcpx plugins

The Final Cut Pro X plugin market has matured since those early days of quickly built effects five years ago. We caught up with Sean Mullen from Rampant Design Tools and asked why his company's attention was now turning to FCPX.

deflicker seed fcpx

We get many questions on our Forum about how to remove flicker from footage in FCPX. Now a low cost plugin at $29 called De Flicker from Seed Digital Media hopes to fix those problems.

2016 fcpx survey

Every year Marquis Broadcast hosts a survey that centres around Final Cut Pro X. This year is no different, apart from the fact that each participant now has the opportunity of winning over $1200 worth of software products!